Whats the Best printer for covers?

Im really sorry if someone has posted this before me but im buying a printer with the idea of doing dvd inlay covers for all my films.I dont want to spend a fortune and was wondering if laser printers did a decent job or would i need a photo printer (inkjet arnt they?).I do want them to look quite professional but like i said i dont want to spend a fortune.Am i asking too much?
I would appreciate some advice,i did read through the other posts prior to adding mine but being completely new to this fealt a little out of my depth.

I do all mine with an inkjet photo printer…I tend to use photo paper and the best quality settings in the printer preferences. Works well for me, as I tend to do a lot of photo printing as well. :slight_smile:

No experience of laser printers though, sorry.

I use an Epson C1100 colour laser for this.
It isn’t a cheap solution but the results are fantastic and it’s very fast.

DVD covers are printed using standard magaxine-type printing techniques. This is usually comparable to 150DPI. So, the printer in use is fairly insignificant, as any of them will be capable of superior printing, although it will look a bit different due to the inkjet method. Your real hurdle to leap is in the process of scanning covers and processing the image to reproduce a good image. Without a good quality image to work from, it won’t matter what printer you use. With a little fiddling in settings, almost any inkjet is capable to creating much better prints than you will ever see on store-bought DVD covers.

Thanks for the advice people,i am aware of ink jets capabilities but im also aware of the expense involved with endless cartridges etc…This is why i mention laser printers.Has anyone had any success using one for such process’s.