What's the BEST P2P



So who’s the best p2p?

  1. Safest - no spyware,
  2. largest community of sharers
  3. fastest
  4. video and audio

Let the choices begin-:wink:


bittorrent is the best without a doubt,

[B]1. Safest - no spyware, [/B] utorrent is spyware free but if you download dodgy stuff with it then you could get infected but that goes for all p2p protocols, none guarantee no malware but the bittorrent client itself is perfectly safe

[B]2. largest community of sharers [/B] with over 2million users at any one time bittorrent is the largest by far, (2mil isn’t a fact it’s just a rough guess from reading around, it’s impossible to find out exactly how large the community is because there are so many different trackers)

[B]3. fastest [/B] I max out my connection on all the latest stuff (1megabyte/s), but for old files the speed varies allot depending where you’re dl’n from, It’s very rare to find torrents slower than 30kB/s if you’re using quality trackers

[B]4. video and audio[/B] and ebooks and apps and games and just about anything else you could imagine is downloadable. I’ve been using torrents for about a year now and have downloaded about a TB of stuff and have only had to use alternate sources like rapidshare about 3 times, the content is unbelievable, if it exists it’s on a torrent tracker but no one tracker has everything you need to be member of some specialized one’s for older stuff like music

if you’ve never tried torrents then the best way to start would be to get yourself a demonoid account and download utorrent it’s all uphill from there. stay away from the ghetto’s like tpb and mininova unless you’re looking for trouble