Whats the best online UK DVD rental Service?



Does anyone know the best service provider for online DVD rental services in the UK? I’m big on my home theatre system but dont want to pay big money to Block_buster to rent the movies. I have been reading http://www.uk-dvd-rentals-guide.co.uk which reviews some of the big players, but I dont want to make a choice without hearing from someone thats done it and been happy with it.

Do the DVD’s turn up on time, is the selection good enought, are they damaged etc…who pays when they get lost



Hi Pete911 :slight_smile:

I have been using LoveFilm for many months now without any problems. No faulty discs, no postal delays, it’s great. :smiley: The turnaround is as quick as possible, I get a disc Monday, send it back Tuesday, they send another on Wednesday and I receive it Thursday.

I went through a phase of not getting many at the top of my list, but recently, that’s all I’ve been getting. You can also rent PSP games and UMD’s, and they’ve just started doing downloads.

Hope this helps


Tesco is supposed to be good according to friends on mine.


stay away from amazon, first few months they were ok, but i was getting audio/video sync problems when watching them on my computer, with my logitech surround sound. I am trying out screen select at the moment, they seem a bit better.