What's The Best MP3 Editor?

Looking for a program to edit some of my mp3 files.
I’d like something simple, but most important, it must have the ability to edit volume levels. I find many of my files have low volume levels and when I burn CD’s I sometimes need to increase or lower the volume due to different levels that the MP3’s were recorded at. Any suggestions are appreciated.

If you use nero you can normalize the volume of your mp3s so they have all the same volume.
You can acces the normalize option by simple drag and drop the mp3`s then click with the right mouse on it then properties and filters there is the option to normalize you volume.

My personal favorite is CoolEdit by Syntrillium.

Have a look @ mp3trim (http://www.logiccell.com/~mp3trim/).
This little tool allows you to cut and clean mp3files and to amplify them without decoding first. Unfortunately the freeware version doesn’t open longer sound files. For this task, you’ll need mp3Trim Pro.

I’m with SirDavidGuy on this one.

Cool Edit

if it is just for nurning you can use the normalize function, otherwise create with cooledit a script and normalize them in that way

Thanks guys for all your suggestions, much appreciated.
I am running Roxio Platinum and it doesn’t do a good job normalizing. I also have Nero but I prefer Roxio for the CD label function.

I have MP3 Trimmer and I love it for trimming, very simple, but the volume feature does not work, sounds like the chipmunks after I modify a song. I will look at MP# Trim Pro.

Will give Cool Edit a try.

is the program cooledit free.
just asking…

Originally posted by vishtaspa
is the program cooledit free.
just asking…

In a word… No.