What's the best modchip for Xbox 1.6(b)?

I’ve had some major troubles installing the Xbit on a 1.6 Xbox. Do you guys hae any experiences with other modchips, preferably solderless.

The Spiderchip seems interesting though. Anyone got good and/or bad experiences on this one?

X-B.I.T doesn’t support 1.6 according to the FAQ but other sites says otherwise although it’s not solderless.

I know :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I can’t say I’ve been dissatisfied with my softmod…:slight_smile:

I heard some different stories on the Spiderchip (common and 1.6 stuff). Reading on the net, I think that the Spider is a good option for the 1.6 as a chip, though it’s installation sucks. Soldering the Spider’s legs to the board would make it a better system, but useless for those who don’t want to solder.

The Aladdin should work just fine with the 1.6 box. Latest Aladdins tend to have the X2 BIOS, so you can guess how that one works…

Softmod it with UXE and rmenhal’s nkpatcher10, with the shadow c: and shadow eeprom.
Once loaded, it loads a virtual c: that you can return to stock so updates don’t affect the exploit, and yiour box is nearly bulletproof.

I hear ya. I found several posts where people mention that the spider’s legs jump off , short circuit and are crushed by the dvd player.

Thankfully i’ve been able to install the 1.5 Xbit modchip on a 1.6b Xbox. It required an additional LPC adapter AND soldering quite a lot of wires on the motherboard.

1.6 Xboxes cannot be softmodded.

Yes, they can. I’ve done 2 of them

no, mr b. is right. These xboxes DO NOT have a flash-rom so its impossible to softmod your xboxes. The UXE hack you describe is only useful when you want to install linux but it’s quite useless when you want to play your backups without hassle.

A soft mod is NOT a TSOP. True, you can’t tsop a 1.6(b). But you can exploit it with a softmod, like I said.
The UXE is NOT for linux. I’m running evox/avalaunch and Unleashx, and any dash I want. I don’t have linux on my box at all. It boots straight to UnleashX and my 40 gig HD plays my backupas flawlessly, as well as on dvdr.

Get your facts straight, please.
For verification:

I have used aladdin advance beforefor 1.6’s, but lately I’m having trouble flashing them. I suppose it might be because aladdins are being made by a number of different factories so not every chip is the same. The ones I have now come with flashbios 3.01 on the bios. So I can flash them once, with evox M8 for example, but not a second time. My OZxbios program says its flashing it but it doesn’t work. An aladdin Super Live I ordered recently was pre-flashed, but not with a bios that would work on a 1.6. It was totally unflashable. The programmer didn’t work for it either. To put it simply I’m a little fed up with Aladdins. I’m gonna try out the DuoX-2 chip. They’re supposed to come with a bios in each bank: one for 1.0-1.5, and the other for 1.6. No flashing necessary. Just choose which bank to use by physically moving a switch on the chip. I’ll let you guys know how it goes in a few days.