Whats the best media to use to back up ps2 games

could someone tell which media is the best to put my ps 2 games on to please and where to get them from.

Verbatim is regarded by most as the best ps2 media
As to where you get it depends on what country you are in but most online sites sell them…

Taiyo Yuden and Verbatims are regarded as the best media to use to back-up PS2 dvd based games.

From what I’ve been told, you will probably want to use -R media for your PS2 Backups.

FYI, Verbatim is not a manufacturer. you can get varying disks from them. Usually they only sell good disks though. I think either DVD-R disks work, or if your DVD writer supports it, DVD+R with bit setting to DVD-ROM will work also.

I always chose +R with bitsetting over -R, but I was told in another thread that some of the PS2 units won’t read +R discs even with bitsetting. Can anyone confirm this?

No. At least, my ps2 read DVD+R with bittersetting very well. I think it’s a mod chip issue. I know some mods aren’t capable of reading DVD+Rs.

Nope. It is hit and miss even with bitsetting. Some people get V1 PS2s to read DVD+R, a few can’t get their V10 PS2s to read DVD+R. The bottom line is that a quality DVD-R disc will give you the most universal compatibility accross all versions/models of PS2s. Ritek DVD-R would probably be the most compatible media for the money but Taiyo Yuden would definitely be the best overall. Verbatim? As pointed out above, they are not a manufacturer, so you really have to watch out where they are made and more often than not they are more expensive than TY. I can get an 8x 50 pack of TY DVD-R for $35+shipping from www.rima.com right now. Generally speaking when 4x Verbatims are on sale they run about $40+tax for a 50 pack and when they aren’t on sale. . .well I could buy about 100 of the 8x TY discs for the price of 50 4x Verbatim discs. IMHO Verbatim are way overpriced for what they offer.

i have nec dvd+rw 1100 a writer, can i burn on to DVD-R or am i just limited to DVD+

You are just limited to DVD+

Fuji film 8x DVD-R (Taiyo Yuden G02) were just on sale at Bestbuy for 29.99 for 50 with a 5$ mail in rebate. Though it may have ended.

Fuji/TY 8x DVD-R was last week. DVD+R this week. Man, I should’ve bought 10 cakes for 500 DVDs…

No problems with BeAll 2x media (BeAll G00001) or Ritek 4x (RITEKG04) media on my model SCPH-39010/N (V7 mainboard) PS2.

I try to buy the RiData branded G04s, although they’re getting hard to track down these days. Supposedly the G05 (8x) dye isn’t as good as that in the G04s, so stick with 4x discs if you’re buying Ritek.

Of course, when burning PS2 discs, you should probably burn at the slowest speed available anyways.

Hey, yeah i am new, i signed up today… im gettin a dvd -/+ rw … and… you said the best dvds for the ps2 to burn on are Ritek 4x (RITEKG04) at 4x yeah… plz could you post me a cheap link in the UK as to where to buy them… yes i have used google, yes i have used kelkoo… but there are loadsa different ones by the look of it, well what its comin up with n i hear that the type of ink matters. thx :slight_smile:

If you want to use RITEK then best sites in uk are

but i still say verbatim or taiyo yuden media is best…

i keep getting a error messge when i try to burn the iso that my verbatium does not read cd-rom XAs, and when i took it off this setting the ps2 refused to read the files, what am i doing wrong?

Well I have a scph30002R and a 52000 model ps2, v5 and 9 I think and both play +R media without a problem. Both with and without bitsetting.

well i have some TYG02 8x dvd-r media but i never tested em with the “slim” ps2 i got… but i have used memorex (CMC MAG M01) 16x rated dvd+r discs (bit setting set to dvd-rom) and they work great (i burned them @ 8x on my lite-on 1673S dvd burner)

i burned Resident Evil 4 (which takes up almost the entire disc) and it worked perfectly fine as i went through the entire game with the backup copy and it (the slim ps2) never had any trouble reading these memorex disc i have.

lol, how bitter is it? :bigsmile:

Anyway, I think it depends mainly on the used DVD drive in the console…

i forgot to mention this although i aint sure if it matters… im using the “Swap Magic v3.6” CD-DVD’s to play my PS2 gamebackups.