What's the best media to get for the 3540a with the 1.w5 firmware?



hi. I have this drive and was wondering what the best media was to get for it. I have verbatim dvd-r that i bought from newegg and i have the v 1.w5 firmware.

my friend has the same drive and firmware and gets 16x when he burns, i only get 12. he wont tell me what brand he uses.



Hi :slight_smile:
See results thread with 1.W5
I use Verbatim & Infiniti -R both are MCC 03 & 16x is no problem
If your not getting 16x from 16x media you need to look elsewhere (DMA?)


Which Verbatim -R are you using? If it is 16x, I’d recommend sticking with that. MCC 16x media (Verbatim, Infiniti, etc.) is IMO the best 16x media currently available.



No wait! :doh: If you only get 12x, I’m pretty sure you’re using Verbatim 8x DVD-R (MCC 02RG20). Great media, no need to look for something else IMO.


that is the media code of the media i’m using
sorry. I should’ve said that the media I’m using is 8x, but so is his and he gets 16x when i only get 12


MCC03RG20 is 16x media.

MCC02RG20 is 8x media…which I wouldn’t suggest to burn at 16x.


I have great results with MCC003 media (8 speed @ 8X) on the Nec
When I read those disk back with my Benq1640 I have quality scores of 98 and 99%


anyone have any other recommendations?

How do i know the media code of the discs before i buy them?



Simple you get them from a reliable vendor like Rima or SuperMediaStore-

Suggest looking at Taiyo Yuden and Maxell medias - have always gotten steller results with all of them-