What's the best media for makeing ps2 backup's

:slight_smile: hello,everone
i am new to this site and i just wanted to see if anybody
can help me out i have been trying to make backups of
my ps2 games i have been useing so far philips dvd+r and
sony dvd-r and all the backups that i have made when i
play the backup game i get sound skips and also when i
play the game i get frequent freezing of images what is
the best dvds that i can get for backing up my ps2 games
can anyone help me out thanks

I have backed up all my PS2 games to Taiyo Yuden TYG02 Silver thermal printable and have had zero problems playing them.

Phillips use a wide variety of MID codes, and Sony media is of fair quality at best.

Media to use is more dependant on the burner you have than the disc’s application, if you tell us what burner you are using we’ll be able to better advise you.

thanks (Kim Jong)
for your reply the burner that i am useing is a dvd burner and player
to is a I/O Magic and its a External USB 2.0 it saids on boxs supported
formats dvd+rw,dvd+r,dvd-r,dvd-rw,dvd-rom,dvd Video,cd-da,cd-rom,
cd-r,cd-rw,cd-rom xa,cd-I,photo cd,Video cd,cd-Extra here is a link to
the burner the one i have http://www.iomagic.com/Products/show_all_results.asp?ProdID=IDVD8DBE

From the link you provided I can not tell the true manufacturer of the drive (I/O magic re-badge burners, they don’t make their own).

From your burners specs, I would seek out high quality 8X + R media such as Taiyo Yuden T02, Verbatim 8X +R (MCC 003), also Verbatim’s 16X products burn well a 8X.

The best media for PS2 is a hard question to answer definatively as there are so many PS2 models all with different laser units. Mine is a V12 PSTwo (slim kind) and is fairly tolerant of media, at least for DVD video, for games though I feed it the best!

Where abouts in the world are you mike160?

I extend a warm welcome to CDFreaks and congratulate you on your first post. :smiley: :clap: It is a step in the right direction for great results with your DVD±R/RW burning ventures!

thanks (Kim Jong)
i live in maimi bch fl i wanted to ask you can i also use the ones
you were talking about befor that you have used and had zero
problems on ps2 backups (Taiyo Yuden TYG02 Silver thermal printable)
or these wont work for my dvd burner and do you think that dvd+r
would be better for me to use then dvd-r for my dvd burner and
ps2 :confused:

NO!!! DVD-R has been confirmed to be the more dependable for the two formats when it comes to videogame consoles. This isn’t to say a number of them won’t read DVD+R, but as a whole the folks who use quality -R media on the consoles tend to experience fewer problems. I will second that 8x Taiyo Yuden TYG02 media. Been using it for the last couple of years on my 30001R PS2 (both for movies and backups) without a hitch. I have also tried out my TYG02 movie backups on a number of other unmodded PS2s (of various different versions) and they all work great as well. Bottom line is that it is pretty hard to go wrong with TY for pretty much any application.

:smiley: hi,(Jesterrace)
were can i buy the Taiyo Yuden TYG02 dvds i been looking
for them and i cant find them i just see some other kinds of
Taiyo Yuden but not the Taiyo Yuden TYG02 that you all are
talking about that are good for backing up ps2 games i also
wanted to add my ps2 has 8 screws at the bottom and i read
some were that ps2 with 8 screws are v4-7 so mind sould be
one of these so do you think that Taiyo Yuden TYG02 would
work good on my ps2 if it is one of these v4-7 :confused:

Jesterrace: What about bitsetting?..
Generally spoken YUDEN000 T02 (8x DVD+R by Taiyo Yuden) is superior to TYG02 (8x DVD-R), because its stability is much better.
http://www.rima.com has a good selection of Taiyo Yuden DVD media. If your drive supports bitsetting, go for the YUDEN000 T02 and do bitsetting, or else go TYG02.

It’s also a good idea to update the firmware of your burner to improve media support and burn quality.

You are missing something. Sony uses in America TY. (Not that TY is my favourite media) but to praise TY and then to say that sony media is fair quality (when it’s the same stuff) is funny. :bigsmile:

Media to use is more dependant on the burner you have than the disc’s application, if you tell us what burner you are using we’ll be able to better advise you.

Probably most safe are Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R (TYG02) (Unbranded or branded (SONY (US not in europe), Plextor (EUROPE), Verbatim Pastel(europe), Verbatim datalifeplus (europe)) or Verbatim DVD-R.(MCC 02RG20,MCC 03RG20)

Probably TYG03 will also work fine.

dakhaas: There’s no Verbatim Pastel DVD media left in Europe except for the occasional old stock. Same goes for DataLifePlus, now it’s called Advanced Azo+. :wink:
His writer is 8x, so I doubt he will do fine with TYG03.

Just look for Made in Japan and a White Octagonal Spacer… :wink:

:smiley: hello,
i am so :confused: confused would any of these work good on my
dvd burner or are they any good for backing up my ps2 games


caues i am thinking of getthing these but dont want to spend my
money to find out that they are no good to me would i have any
luck with these

Since your drive is slightly older both of the Taiyo Yuden 8x discs are good.
Pick the cheapest if you don’t have any special printing needs :wink:

thanks (kg_evillboy)
i wanted to say befor i was useing philips dvd+r and sony-r
to backup my games and i was getting sound skips and also
frequent freezing of images so what i wanted to ask is when i
get these two Taiyo Yuden 8x do you think my ps2 game are
still going to be freezing up on me when i back them up and
what is the best speed to back up a ps2 games 4x 2x

Generally DVD media is designed to be burned at the speed which it is recommended or rated for, some will burn better at one step slower, but slow burning is not equal to high quality results.
I’ll keep my fingers from Philips media, they’ve been using Ricoh, Ritek, CMC, about everything they can get. Sad, because their 16x CD media was still Taiyo Yuden :frowning:
I’m not sure about PS2 backups because I don’t have a PS2 ^^" Freezing and sound skips still sounds like low quality media though…

You’ll be fine if you burn the TY’s at 8x, believe me. I’ve tested it with various ps2 models.

If using -R TY then you will have no choice but to burn them at 4X as this is the maximum speed your burner will support. +R Taiyo Yuden may work well depending on your PS2 version. -R media may be more compatable with consoles overall, but it’s what works with YOUR PS2 that’s important. My PSTwo isn’t fussy either way, + or -, for movies or games, I just chose TYG02 because my drives burn it well and it was cheeper than YUDEN000 T02.

If I were you I would buy 50 TY +R and 50 TY -R to see which work best for you. In all probability both discs will work well! The advantage of the +R is your burner supports them at full speed.

Check for a firmware update to your burner on the I/O magic site and search this forum regarding bitsetting +R discs and you should be set.

I used a couple of different media before TY, and experienced the freezing you described, spacifically on Need For Speed Most Wanted. This game loads the track and scenery on the fly, and with the first back up burned on Ritek media would pause for 10-15 seconds to load half way through a race. The TY copy functions just like the original.

Edit: All my backups are burned at 8X and sometimes over speed to 12X so slower burning is not necessary.

Last I heard from PS2 game rippers Verbatim DataLifePlus has always been the recommended choice.Taiyo Yuden media is just as good but only optical media enthusiasts recognises them.Popularity wise MCC/Verbatim DataLifePlus has the highest popularity vote.

Nobody actually knows TY except for us CDfreaks… :wink:

Bitsetting can help but, even with bitsetting some people still can’t get +R to work on the PS2 (or certain XBOXs). Hence I recommend the -R route. Either way if you take care of TYG02 it will long outlast your needs for the PS2.

That is because they are easily accessable in stores and most people don’t look at media ID codes. :wink: Yes, the MCC Verbatims are also a great choice. @mike160 if you live in the US, www.rima.com has great prices on them. If you don’t mind taking a bit of a gamble (ie 8x TYG02 or 16x TYG03) then you can get the 8x value line discs from www.shop4tech.com for $27 shipped per 100 after entering in coupon code: CS10. If you live in the UK, SVP is a great place to buy from. http://www.svp.co.uk. If you live in Canada www.blankmedia.ca. All the sites carry authentic Taiyo Yuden.