Whats the best MCC 004 media for the 1640?

As the title kind of gives away i’m looking at getting some MCC 004 media (after having some very nasty experience with Ritek stuff, there new disc’s are sh1te) and was wondering if anyone could recommend one brand over another?
Looks like the main choices are either Verbatim or Datawrite Titaniums anyone got scans of either on a 1640? Have looked but people generally don’t mention the make if the and just say the ID tag . . .
I know Verbatim are a very good make but the Datawrite ones are more scratch resistant apparently and slightly cheaper so are the Datawrite ones up to it is my really question, or should i just pay for the Verbatim and stop being a cheap skate?

:flower: Ta in advance

Infiniti Pro Reference White Tops


@Dalen Quaice - I thought I might see a post from you here! :bigsmile:

I have had great luck with Verbatim but cannot comment on any other brands.
Below is a scan from a burn done just a few minutes ago.

Firmware BSMB - Stock. No tweaks. Burned at 12X.
Verbatim MMC 004

  • Flappy

The infiiniti discs look great but by the looks of the website they are non full face disc’s is this true? OR can you get both full face and non full face?

I get very similar scans as Uncle Flappy on my 1620 with the Verbatim version.

Keep in mind that datawrite is a unofficial oem which means that the quality officially is not in the same line as the official stuff.

So I would vote for Verbatim.

Verbatim or Mitsubishi…

Would like just like to point out to anyone thinking of buying Infiniti MCC004 discs, DONT!
Ok the scans are the best i’ve every had on my computer, but then again i generally don’t buy top of the line stuff, but these discs have two really annoying problems.

  1. They are non fullface (which is fine) with Infiniti written in big letters in the middle and oh boy do i love some good branding :frowning:
  2. The print quality is lacking. The dpi is good but the colour staturation is appauling.

So i’m flogging on my 50 discs to unsuspecting person and getting some Verbatim in . .