What's the best Lightscribe media?

I didn’t really need a lightscribe burner, but I lucked out and got a great deal on a BenQ DW1655 ($49.99 after rebate at Staples, in SOME of the boxes labeled I/O Magic), so now, I’ve got a lightscribe burner.

I’ve ordered a bunch of TY CD-R’s and DVD-R’s and DVD+R’s, none of which are lightscribe. As far as I can tell, TY doesn’t make lightscribe discs.

So, what’s the best (longevity, error rates, etc.) brand of lightscribe DVD+R’s, DVD-R’s, and CD-R’s?



Verbatim has some, MCC discs.

Check out Benq, releasing media,

I have HP (both + and -) media.

I have only used the +R discs so far - pretty good (see my scan in the other thread in this forum).

Because I have a Hewlett Packard laptop, I purchased HP brand Lightscribe CDs. Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore!”.

(As an aside let me mention that in 2008 three HP laptops I bought became inoperable within the combined total of a month and a half; in 2009 three more replacement HP laptops became inoperable within the combined span of ONE WEEK! Fortunately, all 6 were under warranty. Anyhow, I continue my venting about HP’s Lightscribe CDs.)

None of my case of 25 Hewlett Packard Lightscribe CDs worked. (Yes, I inserted them properly and did everything else according to instructions. Plus, I’d downloaded the Lightscribe Software from the genuine Lightscribe website.) The error message, that no disc was inserted, kept being generated so the CD is not communicating with the software and not being recognized by it.

I’ve now tried the same HP Lightscribe CDs on 3 different computers and none of them worked, ergo I must conclude that every single one in the pack of HP CDs I bought is factory-defective.

I was constrained to spend several hundred dollars paying a company for CDs and to have them label the CDs. (I need huge quantities of them for music and voiceover demos. in addition to whatever quantity of data CDs I need labelled from time to time.)

I am now enroute to return the !#@>+! HP Lighscribe CDs to Staples for a refund and to purchase another brand of Lightscribe CDs. In the future, I will only buy them from Lightscribe itself. Furthermore, Lightscribe’s own CDs beat the price of every other brand on the market.

I have wasted so much time and money and aggravation on Hewlett Packard. If I never hear the words, “Hewlett Packard”, again it’ll be too soon. And as soon as I can afford it, I’m buying another brand of laptop. I never want another HP product as long as I live. (I know of a major business where they had two HP FAXes and on HP printer and all three were constantly on the fritz. Several years prior to that I’d bought 3 HP printers and ended up having to throw them all out.)

Once upon a time, before outsourcing, I hear that HP was great. That was then. This is now.

Someone told me to try Verbatim or Memorex brand of Lightscribe CDs. On a reader’s forum I read that someone else had the same horror story with HP and he recommended a third brand, which I can’t recall the name of.

A very disappointed and disgusted Sunny RainbowHeart