What's the best IP blcoking up with most recent updates?

I know I’ve read about PeerGuardain but that thing has gone really old now, it’s data files are back from april. So what other proggies are out there? Ones that udpate the ipblock list further/more often


PeerGuardian is more or less dead. The new apps are ProtoWall with The Blocklist Manager. The Blocklist Manager is a program to get the blacklists and to export them to many p2p apps and firewalls. ProtoWall is the app that filters the IP’s that you’re connecting to. The blacklists get updated almost hourly.

PeerGuardian only blocks the TCP-IP protocol, while ProtoWall blocks them all. ProtoWall is driver based and therefor it blocks bad IP’s before they get into your computer. But be aware that ProtoWall only works with Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 Server.

To get these apps and all the info about protecting yourself against anti-piracy companies, hackers, trojans, adaware, spyware, etc, go to http://bluetack.co.uk

When I install protowall, then run it, it always says it can’t find proto.sys or something. Any ideas?

cant you just use anon brownsing software

Well, I have read about ProtoWall and have a little question.

I live in Spain, and our actual RIAA, “SGAE” (the f****** nerds that achieved to put some “tax” on each sigle CD-R/DVD-R just to enrich themselves a little more) spies us badly, it seems. I would like to know how accurate can the IP file list be for Spain or for companies or asociations that are placed all over the world, because I’m really interested in using some app like those.

Thanks in advance :wink:

i wouldnt rely on ip blocking as now many people like the RIAA dont use a static IP and have one that changes very regularly, making IP updating almost impossibe, i recoment using some anon surfing software to make your IP and not stop theres. steganos internet anon is a good one, so is anon browser.

To run ProtoWall you first need to install the app and then you need to install the driver.

Go to “How to use ProtoWall” and then “Install the driver”.

Whole IP ranges are being blocked to stop companies from trying to connect to you and not just single IP’s (most anti-piracy companies have a whole range of IP’s to use), so it doesn’t matter if it changes often. There are only so many IP’s to use in the world and most of them are taken, so these companies can’t just change their IP to whatever and whenever they want. The only problem is that these companies can let employees scan for people on networks at home, which doesn’t make you 100% safe, but it’s always better than using nothing. Also, using software to hide your IP address works with web browsing, but it doesn’t work with P2P, because you need to be connectable to be able to fully use P2P programs. That’s also why you always need to forward ports in your router if you have one or else you have to be lucky to get 25kb/s, even with a 10MBit connection.

an update of the block list can be found here
it is updated frequently