What's the best Internal Lite-On DVD/CD x16 Dual Layer Burner I can buy?

I’m looking for the best Lite-On DVD/CD x16 Dual Layer Burner I can buy?
Money isn’t an objection to me. I want quality and speed. What would you guys recommend for me that’s a Lite-On Brand?

why Lite-on

Well, I love Lite-On but if you think there’s a better brand of higher quality please advise… I’m up for anything better if it’s worth it.

I installed a standered Lite-on DVDrom drive as a second only during the time of Sony’s Arcos hitting my area witch I still use to rip all my DVD’s, I use the LG to write, I’m very dissed after 6 or 8 months now…I’m thinking plextor

If you prefer some higher quality and don’t mind the price you can also go Plextor (Autostrategy, GigaRec…).
And there’s BenQ out there too (with SolidBurn), and LG…

Lite-On SHM-165P6S

I’ve had really good luck with Lite-On. What would be the best Internal drive
that Lite-On offers compared to my Lite-On DVDRW Model: SOHW-1633S? :slight_smile: