What's the best inkjet printable CD-R media (available in France if possible)?

Hi all,

I just purchased an Epson Stylus Photo 900 which can print on CD/DVD media.

But yet I don’t know what brand/model of CD-R media to use.
It would be better if they were available in France.

Searching around this forum, it seems Taiyoyuden manufactured 48x media is a good choice but I don’t know under what brand they’re sold in France.

Any advices ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Ummm… don’t you mean printing labels for CD/DVD media? Last time I checked, you can’t roll a CD through the print roller.

TY makes both a white and a silver printable CDR, can’t help you with finding them though. In the bargains forum, there’s a list of UK sellers, maybe one of them ships to France.

Check again, Stoner. There are plenty of printers that will print directly to CD/DVD media, and there have been for a long time. The new Stylus 900 that Poulpy bought is particularly attractive because it retails for less than $200, a price-point that I don’t think has been broken before for CD/DVD printers. And it does photo-quality printing as well, for those who enjoy digital photography.

Unfortunately I can’t help Poulpy because I live in America.


Check cfitz’s post, the Epson Stylus Photo 900 prints directly on CD/DVD media :wink:

Thanks for correcting Stoner :wink:

I’ll check the bargains forums.

Poulpy, you can do better than I at finding sources for media in France, since I don’t live there and don’t speak French, but here are a few sites either in France or that ship to France:





I don’t know anything about the first three sites. The last one, Meritline, has a mixed reputation in America - some people love them, others complain about their packaging and return services.

Of course, you will pay extra for international shipping from the companies not in France or Europe (expect to pay around 20-35 US$), and I assume you will still be responsible for the VAT when it arrives at your end.

These links are probably best just for giving you some idea of what is out there and their relative prices. On sale, we can get 100 TY discs in America for $10~$20 in retail stores. But the inkjet printable TY media (which can usually be found on-line only) generally go for $35~$45 per 100. I suppose you might see the same price premium in France.


Hi, I am still looking after good quality printable CD-R media :slight_smile:

Has anybody already experienced the following Epson branded product available at bigpocket.co.uk ?

EPSON White Printable 80 Min X48 CDR

100 Pack : £29.99 (29.9p per disc)
500 Pack : £145.00(29p per disc)

The company that pioneered recordable CD technology, Taiyo Yuden offers CD-Rs with the best quality and highest reliability in the recordable media industry.

Name of Manufacturer. Taiyo-Yuden
Speed. Up to X24
Size in Mins. 80 Min
Dye Colour. Blue/Green
Outer. Shrink Wrap
Item Number: CDR2013-100
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Yes
Delivery Time: 2 to 3 working days (UK mainland only).

And what about those ?

BigPockets White Top/Black Bottom Upto 52X speed CD-R
50 Pack : £7.99 (15.9p per disc)
Name of Manufacturer. Bigpockets
Speed. X52
Data. 700mb
Video. (up to) 80 Mins
Dye Colour. Black
Outer. Shrink Wrap
Please note that the speed of this disc can vary from writer to writer.
Item Number: CDR2051-50
Condition: Brand New
Delivery Time: 3 to 4 working days (UK mainland only).

Originally posted by Poulpy

I am still looking after good quality printable CD-R media

Hi !
If I were you, I’d definitely go for > EPSON White Printable 80 Min X48 CDR


Originally posted by Poulpy
You are welcome !

Bigpockets.co.uk is known for their reliability and good customer service.
So, good luck with your purchase and printing.


Originally posted by BoSkin
Bigpockets.com is known for their reliability and good customer service.

You meant bigpockets.co.uk, didn’t you ?
bigpockets.com seems to be a different retailer.

Originally posted by Poulpy

You meant bigpockets.co.uk, didn’t you ?

Oops ! Yes, I did definitely mean bigpockets.co.uk and none other. :wink:

Check this link out for inkjet printable CD-Rs


Best price I’ve found on inkjet printable CD-Rs. Not sure if they ship to France though.

Also check here:


I think we currently also ship to France…

Originally posted by jiznax

Not sure if they ship to France though.
A piece of cake to check it :
Orders placed during the weekend will not be shipped until the following Monday.
We currently only accept orders from the USA (all 50 states), Puerto Rico, and Canada.
E-mail us at sales@precisioncddvd.com for information on international orders.


Well, I’ve already ordered a 100 Epson and 10 Verbatim printable CD-Rs from Bigpockets.co.uk :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to get them :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Poulpy
Well, I’ve already ordered a 100 Epson and 10 Verbatim printable CD-Rs from Bigpockets.co.uk :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to get them.
Good. I only wonder what the freight cost was ?

Uh umm…
Freight costs start at £14.99 for France (about 21€) whatever quantity you order :eek: (There may be additionnal costs if the weight pass a certain limit.
That’s why I also ordered a 240 Discs carry case for £5.95.

Originally posted by BoSkin
Hi !
If I were you, I’d definitely go for > EPSON White Printable 80 Min X48 CDR

Very interesting deal!

I don’t need printable CDR’s at all, but are looking at them since these are Taiyo Yuden. I want some top-notch media to match with my coming Plextor Premium, but high quality CDR here in Denmark are very expensive (and/or almost impossible to find).

So are these exact same superb quality as Taiyo Yuden’s without a printable side? :confused:

Thanks a lot for any reply. :bow:

Regards, Right2copy