What's the best IDE setup for CDRW+CDROM+HD+HD?



Hi, I have a question. Do you know whats the best setup for my IDE devices??

I burned a Audio CD yesterday at 2x speed and it took over an hour! It was a 70 min wav from my HD and I used Nero. Why didn’t it take 35 min?? Could it be due to my IDE setup?

My devices are
a) Yamaha CDRW 8424
c) 6Gb HD - Windows stuff
d) 17Gb HD - My Wav Files

What should be first/secondry master/slave to achieve optimum performance??


Here;s how mine is setup and I have never made a coaster.
Primary Master : 18GB Quantum
Primary Slave : Zip 250
Secondary Master: Kenwood 72X
Secondary Slave : HP 9100i
I always tell it to copy to disk first though. After having some errors when disk were still expensive, I just figured that was easier. I think I’m going to switch it to this now though:
Pri Mast: 18GB
Pris Slave:HP 9100i
Sec Mast: Kenwood
Sec Slave: Zip 250

Doing that should make it safe to disk at once. Anyway, hope that helps.




Does this mean that you should never record from and to the same IDE channel? (Beacuse of speed trouble)

So I should put the HD with my Wavs and my CD-ROM (my two devices I read FROM) on one IDE channel and then my Windows boot HD and my CDRW on the other?

I take it there could be a problem if both devices are using the same IDE cable at once.


In my experience, I’ve found that you should try to avoid having the source and destination on same ide channel. The reason being because of buffer underruns.

I had a similiar situation as you when I had:
1)Quantum 6.4gb HD
2)Panasonic 7582 CDR
3)IBM 14.4gb HD
3)Toshiba CDROM

In my setup, I had the following:

Primary Master:Quantum 6.4gb HD
Primary Slave: Panasonic 7582 CDR
Secondary Master:Toshiba CDROM
Secondary Slave:IBM 14.4gb HD

Based upon this configuration, I was able to burn from my source drives (either the cdrom or the IBM hd) to the CDR. The only thing I used my Quantum drive for was to operate the O/S, and load programs. All of my data was stored on the IBM hd. Also, with this configuration, I could burn from the CD on the fly without worrying about buffer underruns.

Hope this helps.


Bane, i don’t like your setup for a few reasons. the BEST way to go on this, and i know this, is like so:
IDE ch. 1 primary – boot HD with OS(master)
IDE ch. 1 secondary – other HD(set to slave)
IDE ch. 2 primary – CDROM drive(master)
IDE ch. 2 secondary – CD-RW drive (slave)

a few other things: you want the two hard drives on the primary for the fact that your motherboard will access the primary channel first, resulting in possibly faster bootup times. and another thing is that you dont want the CDROM and the HD on the same channel, because in most comp. cases, you wont even be able to reach the IDE cable to both.

so i still recommend what i said above, because that is what most companies also recommend.


I have set both my CD-ROM and Burner as Masters (CD-ROM primary master, burner secondary master). I have a UDMA\66 controller card though, so my HD plugs there.

Not a single coaster, and everything is extremely fast!



Just for information.
Dard disks are 32 bit access.
CD Roms are 16 bit.
If you mix on an ide port the port defaults to lower access.
I.E. Fast haddisk with cdrom or burner as secondary is NOT fast anymore.
Any cd to cd copy is full of problems, because if source needs several tries to read a sector the result is buffer underrun.
Always smarter to copy to disk image first.


my advise is:
1st channel: system disk (primary)
another hdd (secondary)
2nd channel: cdrw (primary)
cdrom (secondary)



I do agree with Squage and Viscon and add one Thing to it. Your biggest HD is probably the fastest. So use this one as the master on your first channel and put your OS on it to.



to dee_pee:

plus, with most OSes you will need to boot off the primary master, so it is just logical that way. and you can get better airflow in your case if you dont have all the cables jumbled and stuff. common sense.


Are you sure you were burning at 2X speed?,


Yeah, I was definitly burning two speed.

Without changing my IDE setup I wrote an Audio CD (one WAV but using a cue sheet so I had 12 tracks) yesterday using CDRWin (Not Nero this time). CDRWin was much quicker but still took roughly an hour to burn at 2x speed.

I tried at 8x speed but the audio started jumping up near the end of the CD when I played it in a normal home CD player.
I tried at 4x speed and the audio jumped again when I played it the CD player.
At least 2x speed was successful I suppose!

I remember reading about burning audio CDs and that x2 speed was recommended for this use. Is this true? And should I close all my background processes i.e. Real Player and McAfee (it worked when I had these open using 2x speed - when I tried 8x and 4x they were closed!?!)


Yes its recomm… to burn audio at 2 speed for better quality, as you know [or not] an ordinary audio player does not have a good correction as a cd-romdrive so how better the putjes [dutch word…] [1 and zero’s] are digged into the cd-r layer the better it is for the player.

dig it???