What's the best fw for RICOHJPN-01 & 02 on 2500a?



I’ve been using the beta fw107b7, which was recommended by a lot of posts, however when i run Kprobe scans, i get high error spikes towards the end of the disc. I’m using 3 different Re-badges of Ricoh media, Fuji, Memorex, and Ridata 4x +R’s. They all seem to burn the same. on some movies burns i get skips towards the end of the disc. I do like the bitsetting feature of the beta firmwares, but will the Official NEC 1.07 have better quality burns. How are burns with the 1.08 hp 1.27 firmware ? Thanks for any advice.


EXtra info: I have my 2500A in a USB 2.0 Ext box, and have updated using the Windows flasher. I’m not sure if updating FW thru the USB is a good idea or not ? I’ve also tried burning discs @ 2.4x, 4x, and 6x. Haven’t done to many 8x, cause i’m more concerned with quality. I’ve also used -R’s ProdiscS03, and MCC., and the error count is marginal.,; but i’ve still been seeing high error spikes at the end of discs., sometimes on the -R’s higher errors in the beginning. How can i keep this from happening ? Could it be the media at the end of the discs ? But i’m also using 3 different brands of Ricohjpn.


Stock 1.07 in my burner and no problems at all with Fuji RICOHJPNR01 … Nero CD Speed transfer curve is smooth as can be …


i use the 1.08 for ricoh02!
very good results!


FW 1.07b7/8 here; RICOHJPN-0x’s burns @ 8x VERY well!