Whats the best FW for a SOHW-812S?

Yesterday, i updated my SOHW-812S to the latest official firmware to fix a media problem. It fixed it.
What firmwares are there out there for this drive that “makes it better”?
Ive heard that some Lite-On drives can have a FW installed that adds Dual Layer writing. Is this possible with my drive?

Thanks in advance all.

go to http://codeguys.rpc1.org/index.html

Thanks. But nothing on there actually describes what im after. It just lists firmware.
I was just running a Lite-On media test, and it says that the drive is already a dual layer drive. Is this true?

Drive type = DVD Dual means dual format ie dvd +r & dvd -r.

follow the link vdk au posted and scroll down till you see the 832s F/w, CG3B is the latest.

Why would i need FW from another drive on my drive?
Would that not break/damage my drive?

you asked about DL burning in your 1st post the 812s does not burn DL, the 832s will burn DL you can flash a 812s@832s f/w but first you must beaware that this although safe will INVALIDATE YOUR WARRENTY only do this if you need DL burning.


I have this same drive and havent had any problems with it. You will read on this forum that most owners of this drive are using 832 firmware and hacked utilities on the SOHW- 812S. Im only using the official updates and its working perfectly. If you want to take a chance on other FW, go ahead. But like acko said " only do this if you need DL burning."