Whats the best format to burn mpeg to?

I use to do a lot of svcd burning but haven’t done 1 since I started burning dvd’s. I seem to have forgotten it all. I now am in a situation where I have quite a few mpeg files that I want to burn that can be read on stand alone dvd players. I guess that my main concern is that it will play on a apex ad-1225. Cost of media is not an issue and nether is how many disks I use. I would like to keep full quality though, and while I don’t care how many disks I use or what kind, there are a LOT of files and I really hate to have them split up over a million disks. The mpeg files are about 200mb (20 min) each and I will probably end up with at least 50 of them (maybe as many as 100). Cd or dvd would be fine and I don’t care if it only plays on my computer or the apex player (compatibility with other dvd players is not an issue) as long as it is a format that I can later convert to have more compatibility if nessasary. I can research how to do it my self but what file format would keep quality intact and give me the most files per disk?
Fyi if my player is capable of playing mpeg files, can I just copy the files as data to a dvd and how would I access individual files on my apex player?
Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

if you’re only dealing with mpeg files, then you can use DVDlab to author them into dvd-video format. if your dvd player is capable of playing mpegs, then you can just burn the mpegs as data, and your dvd player should have a built-in file browser with which you can select the file you want to play.

I have been playing with nero and it seems to let you make a dvd with the mpeg files as the source. After conversion the 200meg mpeg files seem to take about 500 meg which is fine. I can get at least eight or nine files per dvd as opposed to 3 with vcd. Is that about the same as doing it with dvdlab or would dvd lab perhaps work beter?

I tried a data disk (both on cd and dvd) and it couldn’t read them. I guess converting to dvd format is my best option. I will check out dvdlab (and if it is doing the same thing as nero, I’ll just use nero). Thanks for the help and the recomendation!!!