What's the Best Firmware Option?



i got a LITE-ON LTR-32123S XS0F and i was wondering if its good to burn SD2.51xxx. I tried MOH:AA and it was fine but you needed to hide CD-R media being an annoying thing. i used CloneCD 4 without AWS and nothing else except auto bad sector skip.

Also what is the best Firmware option for my burner atm?
Also... is it safe to overclock it as its not a LITE-ON LTR-32123W



for writing sd2 2.51021 all is the same since this depends on the chipset and not on the firmware.

Personally I use XS0U which is the latest, and best in my opinion.

There is no way to get around the ATIP problem(When playing from a CD-RW drive Hide CD-R media must be enabled when using the backup).


I think overclocking the 32123S has been tried before without any success. You might want to check out some other threads on this forum



i want to confirm that its not possible to burn SD2.51xxx with hide CD-R media not needed?


If you use a backup disc (made with whatever writer/program) you must use Hide CD-R media when playing from a CD-RW drive.

Should still work ok from normal CD/DVD-ROM’s.


if you have a standard cd-rom drive, or a dvd-rom drive then you don’t have to worry about the hide cd-r media when playing back ups made with your lite-on drive. but as OC-Freak has said more than once on this postin if you are running the back up from a cd-r/rw you have no other option.


thanks for your help guys.