Whats the best firmware for liteon 1633s

i am currently using the lite-on bs0s firmware, my friend told me there is some tweaked firmwares for the liteon driver that work better. i was just wondering what firnware is best to use on this drive.

Also what burn speed produces the best burns with low amount of errors? I attatched an image of a kprobe scan of a disk i burned at 4x. its a verbatim 8x disc.

I’d wait nervously for the final implementation of Codeking’s CS0T FBD - this could well be the pinnacle of 3S v1 drive performance.

what is the privilage of codeking, i saw their firmware but it doesn’t tell what it does.
I’ve updated the 1633s with the latest official firmware…

Does anyone experience better results or more media or whatever?

This really should be carried on in the Liteon section…

The latest Codeking experiments are in:

  1. Fast Burn - using the equivalent of 16x CAV mode for the section leading up to a flat 8x or 12x, the faster start shaves a lot off the time, and a fast 12x works better on the chipset of these burners than the 16x speed that the chipset is just not too good at.

  2. Quality patch, moving and tuning the recalibration points - in the main, using less of them (on the 3S chpset), as relinking is one of this chipset’s weakest areas.

I am going to update to the codeking csot firmware and check it out. Also one thing i dont like about the official firmware is that the burn led is green, i read that the codeking makes it so you also have the red one.