What's the best f/w for 1620?



quality wise wise

also what’s the difference between the normal and pro 1620?

also is a burst rate of 23/24mb good for 16x burning?




It varies between drives and media. You have to try them out.

The label and the added software. They used to ship OEM drives with GXXX firmware but it seems they are through with that.

Yes, but what do you have in mind? The BenQ is notorious for not working in external enclosures without a special firmware that delivers crap burns.


it’s gonna be internal.

say i got mostly cmcmag e01/m01, ty and mcc? best f/w for that?


also will the 1620 ever support dvd-r dl?


Sure, more then enough :smiley:
BTW, “burst rate” is measured in MB/s.

From what I’ve seen, BenQ drives perform pretty god when in external enclosures… :confused:
The problem is BenQ not supporting these (external) drives with firmware updates though. :sad:


You have to test them out on your drive as results are different on different drives.


B7T9 works best for me! :slight_smile:


also will the 1620 ever support dvd-r dl?


Not likely to happen…


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