Whats the Best External Burner?



I am considering buying a External burner but do not know which one to get.

I like very much NEC drives but cant seem to find in the UK any external drives they may make. I also like Benq drives too.

Is there a good external DVDwriter you would recommend. The only thing that is important to me is good media compatibility and possibly bitsetting abilities.



There are a number of solutions, if you want to have an external burner. Personally I use a Freecom and I am satisfied with its performance.
Freecom is one of the firms that has significant experience in the field of external devices and known to be of high quality.
The only question is what is inside of the Freecom that you buy. In many cases it is an NEC, but it might be Toshiba and Lite-On as well.


just buy a regular dvd burner and a usb + ieee external case - thatz all the external burners are


And make sure you get a Prolific 3507 chipset or you won’t burn above 8-12X.