What's the Best DVDs

I’m tired of making coasters, what’s the best printable DVD-R or DVD+R made?

best one you can find in stores would be Verbatim.

best online would be TY.

Is -R or +R better?


+R is better theoretically but -R is more compatible with hardware players (at least that was the case a while ago)

Agree with that. And I like +Rs personally. :slight_smile:

+R Taiyo Yuden ftw. Get them from www.rima.com.

+R/-R with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden (haven’t had much luck with 16x -R TY’s, maybe I just got 2 bad batches from Rima), 8x -R’s from Rima have been the best I’ve ever had, even when burned @ 12x.

For TY, stay w/ 8X +R and/or -R. They are better than 16X TY -R/+R.

Methinks this thread is better suited for the blank media forum.

Verbatim = better discs, lower price, easily available.

I always choose them over any TY media.

The answer here will very from user to user but i think its safe to say that you cant go too wrong with ether TY or Verbatim. The use has though ask for printable discs so something else to consider woud be which of the two has a better printable surface.

^ Ive heard a lot of ppl say Riteks :Z surface is superior to TY’s (regular no watershed), but lets not go there. :bigsmile:

say riteks is quite poor tys is smoother and generally more even not experience verbatim printables yet :slight_smile:

I agree completely with that. The best thing is its so easily available (the SL as well as the DL ones). Moreover the newer batches of MCC04 (+Rs) have excellent burn quality. They also keep up well over time. Some TY (+R YUDENs) have degraded over tiem for me (See the “Which is the best DVD+R for long term storage” thread for proof).

Sorry I’m a newbie and didn’t realize their was a blank media forum that is oviously the place for this thread and will check all forums before I post again.

And thanks everyone for the advice.