What's the best DVD writing test on 3540?

I have one sample media that I wish to test it’s quality. I have a Nec 3540 writer. What is the best way to test the writing quality on this media?

You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed to burn your disc at whatever speed you want to test, using the Create Disc tab. Unless you check the Burn image option the disc will contain random data from your harddrive, but if you check Burn image you can burn any ISO or NRG image instead.

When your burn has finished, you should eject and then load the disc again.

Then you can use Nero CD-DVD Speed to perform a Read Transfer test on the Benchmark tab. You want to see a smooth graph going all the way up to the maximum speed.

You can also perform a Disc Quality scan on the Disc Quality tab, and you might have to experiment to find a reliable scanning speed for your particular drive, but I suggest you start with 5x and use that if the results are meaningful and repeatable.

You can read about how to interpret the results in this thread:

Interpreting PI/PO error scans

Here are the results of the burn and quality tests. What do you think?

not too bad in general
lower your burn speed to 12x might give better results
also try to increase scan speed to 12x (not all 3540 can)

Thanks philip.
Can you elaborate a bit about how to read the tests, what’s a good score etc, or perhaps a link to a page that deals with it in Nero CD-DVD spead?

in general, PI Failure Max not over 8 and Total not over 2000 is considered a very good burn (for scans from 3540)
this is how I read, different people have different standards
or just read from the Quality Score 90(Okay) 94(Good) 98(Excellent)