Whats the best dvd writer to get



is the pioneer a03 the best dvd writer to burn ps2 games or are there others , what are the prices and where can i get the best deal



From what I have read that is th ebest DVD-writer you can get at the moment.

As for lowest prices, that depends all on where you live, but you could check out www.pricewatch.com for starters


I think you’d better wait for some time before buying a DVD writer.

DVD writers are expensive. So are DVD recordables and rewritables.

Besides that, there is no real standard yet. Probably DVD+RW will be the standard but nobody knows about that yet.

Another problem is that DVD writing technology is still a new one: there are quite some bugs left in the system, so making coasters can be a pain in the ass (especially with the price that DVD writable media costs!).

If you really want a DVD writer: indeed go for the Pioneer!


Id have to agree with Dee about this. It can be quite the pain in the tushka when you blow one of the dvd media types up and then you out whatever the cost of the disc was. But I guess eventually all stuff that is going to come out will probably be on DVD. And all the software companies will think what a genius idea how about we raise the prices again and again