What's The Best Dvd Rom Reader To Buy?

HI FOLKS I already have the asus dvd-e616p but it doe’s not read and ripp
pretty fast my dvd disc’s. What dvd-rom will ripp fast? Thanks for your reply’s. :slight_smile:

JLMS (LiteOn) and Toshiba drives are known for their fast ripping.
There is also the AOpen 1648.

I have a lite on 167T and several models of the toshiba DVD Rom’s ( 1502, 1612, 1712, 1802 and 1912) and they are dog slow compared to my Aopen 1648/AAP’s ( both pro and non pro versions) the Aopen is quiet and extremely fast at ripping. the Lite on 167T is considerably slower and sounds like a cusinart chopping turnips. the toshiba is waaaaayyy slower but it’s quiet. if you prefer toshiba’s and want fast ripping then you need to use hacked firmware to remove the ripping speed inhibitor.

Hey guy’s thanks for the reply’s is there any more out there. Also do i need hack firmware for the AOpen 1648 dvd rom. IF so which one??? THANKS again for your reply’s :slight_smile:

No hacked firmware needed for the AOpen DVD-ROM. Read the thread I linked above. :wink: