What's the best DVD-Recorder for +-RW?



only one question.
What’s the best recorder for using ±RWs?
I’ve seen many tests but the most are only using ±R for testing.

I think the NEC 3520 is very good on ±R but not on ±RWs.
The LG 4163B seems to be much better on ±RWs.
Can anyone tell me about his experience with ±RWs?



Why do you say the NEC is not very good with RW, I have had good results with 4x +RW Ricoh media with the 3520.


Thanks for your answer.
I’ve read the review on cdrinfo about the NEC and the results with ±R are great but with ±RW they are very mixed.
It’s not my intention to make the NEC bad (or any other burner) - I only want to know your experience. In the most reviews I’ve read they only write about ±R.


Have NEC3500. No problem burning RicohJpn W11 DVD+RW (4X).



I see -
NEC with RicohJpn W11 DVD+RW - o.k.

Nobody else tested any DVD±RW on NEC, LG, LiteOn or any other burner?


I’ve burned 4x DVD+RW (ricoh) on Plextor PX716A OK as well as the NEC 3520A. The NEC +RW burns were a little better quality.