Whats the best DVD drive for playback only?

Im building an HTPC right now, and im going to use it alot for playing dvds. what will be the best dvd-rom for dvd playback?
best = fastest multi regional (with patch or without)


There is no reasonable answer to the question… You’re talking players, like what is fast? 98% of players out there today will do just fine…

what would you pick? :bigsmile:

lite on 16x dvd rom

If you’re talking about a DVD-ROM drive and not a writer I would say Lite-On 166S.

If you want a quiet drive (even at top speed) I suggest that you stay away from Lite-On otherwise any will do one.

any quiet good dvd drives you know that can recommend?
may i remind… i need to ofcourse be multi-regional (with a patch or without)


The toshiba 1912 is a very quiet drive.

Is the speed of the following drives will be changed by the Nero DriveSpeed?
Lite-On 166S
Toshiba SD-M1912
NEC 3520

the Toshiba 1912 is a very quiet drive it is the one I would choose for a HTPC. and I would avoid lite on like the plague they are good drives but they are very noisey.

I used to be quite fond of the Toshiba drives, but the more modern models have quite let me down with several discs. The LiteOn/JLMS drives are very good, but indeed noisy.

I really like the Aopen 1658/AAP Pro. They are pretty quiet, really fast and read almost everything (maybe even pizza). Seem to be winners to me :slight_smile:

I have four Aopen drives in 4 different machines and they are quiet but I have heard some people report that their Aopens were noisey at speed.

Quiet is a relative term of course. I find my Aopen drive pretty quiet… I alway found the Toshiba SD-M1712 very quiet, but the Aopen produces even less noise… that’s good :slight_smile: