What's the best DVD burning program? (+ a little humor to boot)

*Added by MyCE: Looking for the best DVD burning program? MyCE recommends the combination of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Click here for more information.

Hi all,

so what exactly is the best program to burn movies? There are so many, I don’t know which to use. I realize Clone DVD works in conjunction with Any DVD, and this seems to be a good one. But what about 1ClickDVD? And I have heard what seems like hundreds of programs being mentioned all over the place here . . . people talking about using DVDThis to rip the dvd, DVDThat to encode the dvd, DVDUp to decrypt the dvd, DVDDown to verify the dvd, DVDLeft for this, DVDRight for that, DVDEast, DVDWest, DVDNorth and DVDSouth, DVDAtlantic, DVDPacific, DVDIndian, DVDArctic, and on and on and on and on and on. I mean gee whiz, isn’t there a program that will just do it all? Can someone please tell me the simplest and most effective ways to burn movies? I’d rather not use 50 programs if that’s possible.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

(additional humurous DVD program titles: JackTheRipMyDVD, AOLTimeWarnerDVD, McDVDonalds, DVDSaddamInsane, OsamaBeenDVDin’, NostraDVDamus, DVDon’tTouchThatDial, DVDon’tFunkWithMyHeart by the BlackEyeDVDs, DVDon’tStopTheRock, DVDon’tWorryBeHappy, DVDixieChicks, DVDick-Me-Chicks, GNC-DVD, DMV-DVD, PCP-DVD, THC-DVD, LSD-DVD, XTC-DVD, FCC-DVD, FTC-DVD, FDA-DVD, DEA-DVD, NBC-DVD, BCC-DVD, MP3-DVD. FBI-NoCopy-DVD, . . . haha, well anyway, you get the point. I hear Milk is coming out with a new one soon as well, called “Got DVD?”)

Additional humurous DVD program titles will also be appreciated. :smiley:

You want one program that does everything right? You’re here already. CloneDVD2 … hands down. No humor without a 2-drink minimum.

Search the forums bro! :rolleyes:

For humour CloneDVD2 has it all - I mean come on that lovely little ditty when it is finished a burn and you almost want it to fail to get the lovely Ooooohhhh Noooooo. (Ok, you also get them with DVDDecrypter - but that doesn’t have a sheep eating popcorn!!)

CloneDVD in conjunction with AnyDVD does it all. Why bother with anything else? And with slysoft offering a discount to cdfreaks members for a couple of weeks, now is a great time to purchase the combination. I’ve never had a problem with either. Never once have I regretted my purchase.


Maybe this is the very best


CGI Animator,
All kidding aside, I’ve used many of the programs that are available, and for ease of use and reliability, the AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 programs are IMHO the best.
Should a problem occur they are second to none to having the issue addressed in record time. They may be lacking in technical support should you need it, however, that being said, you would rarely need it and this forum should assist you in resolving your problem.

CloneDVD has a comprehensive help file to guide you on how to use the program, and by right clicking on any feature in AnyDVD should expalin the feature to you.

AnyDVD is a simply a driver that runs in the background, once configured (default settings are fine) there is absolutely nothing to do, it automatically removes the copy protection for you, that is it’s purpose. You don’t even know it’s running other than a picture of a Red Fox in your task bar. You can choose to have it start autmotically when Windows starts, or just click on a shortcut to have it start when you want to burn.

CloneDVD needs AnyDVD to work because CloneDVD will not remove copy protection should the disk you are attempting to burn contain it. If there’s no copy protection, you don’t need AnyDVD running.

It’s a very simple process to do once learned. It does it in two short steps.
The first one is it copies and and shrinks the files to your hard drive in only one process, once completed, it will burn them to the disk.

The price is reasonable compared to some others, although there are some free programs out there, it is a small price to pay for ease of use, reliability, and updates that come faster than the sun rises should an issue appear.

You can download both programs for a 15 day free trial that is fully functional at www.slysoft.com., give them a try and if it doesn’t appeal to you move onto something else that may be more to your liking and abilities.

I hope this helps you in some way answering your question.

@ CGI Animator,

Welcome to the Forum.

As suggested by Forum Member DJMind use the Forum “Search” function. This question is a well worm topic discussed many numerous times. Also you are posting your question in the CloneDVD Forum. It would be anticipated posting your question here that the answer would be most certainly be CloneDVD/AnyDVD.

If you really want an unbiased answer to you question the more appropriate Forum to post your question would be the Copy DVD Movie Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=62)

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You are in the CloneDVD forum and ask this question?
And what answers do you anticipate?
My answer?
“Whatever software package provides the capabilities you need and desire, and works consistently reliably on your system with your burner and your favorite media.”
For me - that is not CloneDVD2.
But - for the regulars in this particular forum, it obviously is. And CloneDVD2 has a good reputation with many folks.
As others have said - search and read up a bit, and experiment to find what serves your specific needs and runs reliably on your system.