Whats the best DVD burner?



ive got a pioneer 109 (1.17) at the moment and im not to impressed. i have the chance to change it and was dribbling over the new plextor drive that can do auto write strategy, but at the same time the NEC 3520 looks good. help me choose.


I have the Plextor 712. Not much different from the 716. Yet I still prefer the NEC 3500 over the 712. What’s wrong with the 109?


it doesnt like ritek media and has some issues with buffer under runs at the moment.


could be a bad tub of Ritek. It’s not a very high quality media. Can you explain more about the buffer underrun issue?


here you go


I may have missed this, but did you set the NERO ULTRA buffer to 80MB? Is this buffer stable throughout the burn?


havent tried that, but the system buffer never seems to empty but the device buffer keeps emptying ever 20 secs or so.


It’s normal for some drives (like NEC) to do this. They do this to tweak the burn quality on-the-fly. If the Nero ULTRA buffer is full throughout the burn, then you don’t have buffer underrun.