What's the best dvd burner for movies

hi guys

need your advice i found the reviews on this site very usefull and i’m just wondering what is a good drive for movie burning purposes that handles most DVD-R media and doesn’t have to many errors ?
There most be a few legendary burners that perform better than most and i don’t know how to search for this info without knowing the actual brand or model
Thanks a lot in advance

The Benq 1655 would be a good choice, the upcoming Pioneer 111 seems to be doing quite well thus far, late model NECs are pretty flexible. Really man, take your pick. No such thing as a best burner.

i agree with jesterrace on the benq.

there are a wide variety of very good burners to choose from. the main thing you want to worry about in getting good video backups will be your media!!

never go cheap on media. TYs from www.rima.com will work well on just about any burner you choose.

benq dw 1640 is what i have and i love it (although they’re hard to find now that the 1655 came out)

1655 is a very good choice.

nec 3550 (or whatever model is current…check the NEC subforum!) are very popular on here.

a lot of people like their lite-on SOHW 1693 (i hope that’s the right model number)

as long as you don’t get something that’s complete junk, you’ll be just fine. like i said, the key is investing in good media and learning how to use your burning software…

there’s a whole subforum dedicated to optical drives with many brand subforums within it…that might be a good place to start browsing then if you have specific questions about any of the models, i’m sure the resident expert in that forum will be happy to answer more specific inquiries…


@the OP

You’re going to get a ton of different opinions to a question like this :bigsmile:

Thanks for all the replies guys this is exactly wat i was looking for.My friend told me that he read the best review about benq so i was hoping to get some model #'s from your replies.
i also know taiyo yuden is the best i do have a media chart and i always try yo get quality media so i’m hoping to get a drive that will perform ok with the second best line (ridata/ritek prodisc optodisc etc.)

The store i’m trying to purchase from had only three drives but i asked them to look into ordering whatever i come up with after considering the professional advice i get here :slight_smile:

The 3 drives i can choose from are:

LG 16X 4167B DVD RW ± Dual Layer Rewriter $48.00

Sony 16X DW-Q30A DVD RW ± Dual Layer $50.00

Pioneer 16X DVD RW DVR110D $53.00

Currently i picked the sony drive but i’m not happy with it so unless you guys think that one of the other two is a pretty good one i’ll try to get benq or NEC (if i get a model#)

Thanks again for all your help andquick replies

I have the NEC 3550A and am happy with it. There is also the NEC 4550 as well. Either of these drives should do the job well. If you are truely after burning movies that will last, spend the little extra for consistently good media and not the 2nd tier ones because it’ll save you time, money and frustration in the long run.


Of the three drives that you can choose from - the LG4167B is probably the strongest burner of them all-IMO


Lg are good drives, sonys are rebadged, you have to find out what the sony is (probably a benq or nec), And I’m not farmiliar with pioneer. Personally, I would go elsewhere if thats all they have, and get a benq (any recent model except for the dq60, avoid that one). Benq 1650, benq1655, great drives. benq 1640, good luck finding one, but a great drive. Same with nec, any recent model, its a good drive. Don’t get me wrong, there are defanatlly several drives to avoid. btc, aopen etc. Benq is taking the spotlight latlly, but benq or nec, either way, they are good. you can get these drives this cheap on newegg (not sure what country you are in). Out of those three, my initial choice would be the lg, just casuse its good and you know what it is (see if it can bitset though). The sony may be the best or worst. Sony doesn’t make many drives anymore. find out the actual oem.

Pioneer very good, so are most brand name units. They all go about their job in much the same way and these days the business is too competitive for manufacturers to make too many duds. Arachne was right…you’re gonna get a ton of opinions on this subject. Take a techie friend with you to the nearest hypermarket or computer market and check out what they’ve got.

I’d go for the LG or the Pioneer - but only 'cause I have both, and think they’re very good drives (if you get the LG, be sure to update to the latest firmware (DL13).