What's the best DVD burner for ~$31

Finally got around to ordering one , what is the best one from newegg? I’m looking for burning DVDs and well as CDs. Don’t care about Lightscribe.

What features do you want? What media will you use most often? Will you be burning alot of Dual-Layer discs?

CDs, DVDs, Most likely Dual Layer ones every now and then. That’s probably it.
I will probably grab this one:

I’d recommend this one. Does everything well except quality scanning, but with good media (Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim) you really don’t need to worry about that.

I have 3 of them. Flash it with The Dangerous Bros. 111L firmware (8.XX versions) and you have DVD-Ram burning capabilties and auto-bisetting/booktyping with +R DVD media.

Best Buy have Pioneer 16X DVD+/-RW retail version on sale for $69.99 - $30 instant rebate = $39.99 (total price) If you have Best Buy near you then this is a good bargain. May be you can order it online also.

If you don’t want LightScribe and DVD RAM get the LiteOn 160P6S and save a few bucks. I have one and use C0deKings 16Xos-rs firmware with SmartBurn (test version) and love it.

Don’t know but maybe your asking the wrong question maybe should ask what product hasn’t had problems with DVD burning and good firmware updates. There are lots of users here with varying opinion on what DVD drives are good for their system. Each drive has good and bad points about it so you will have to pick what do you really want in a drive and support and warranty and firmware update-maybe start with those basics…then look at what you can do and what in the future you like to be able to do. As prices come down there are alot of options to pick from but also alot of lemon as well as some will not do what other will do.