Whats the best drive to buy

I’m looking at buying a new DVD writer drive I’ve had a lite-on 1673s but it started making a noise when the pc was first powered up I’ve been looking at the LG drives what I need is something that’s quite and disk friendly I tend to use -r disks. Your feedback would be a great help.

there are more than enough thread about this topic. use the search function.

now now don’t be to helpfull will you.

if i suggest one drive you will start to ask more, for example why and if there are better drives and so on… questions that have been ansered in many threads here.
there is no “best” drive. get a 1635s or read the other threads.

Thanks for that its just so hard to make my mind up as there are just so many drives and so much information on here its alot to take in when your new to it.
It seems there are pros & cons with all the drives.I’ll keep looking

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Check out the main “Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.)” forum. Especially this thread:

The BenQ is very popular at the moment but it lacks the ability to backup games. The 1693S is becoming more popular as the firmware matures and the 1635S is improving as well but it seems to have a problem with +RW. The LG is an excellent burner but lacks quality scanning. There are fors and against for every drive. You might want to also look at the reviews links in the thread link above, as well. :wink:

BTW, are you sure the noise is anything to worry about. See this thread:

Thanks COdeKing for the warm welcome and info.