Whats the best drive for ripping?



I made the leap to buy a new DVD burner yesterday when I purchased a LG GSA-H22NK drive.

From what I hear this is a good burner, but is slightly deficiant in the reading department.

I’d like to get another drive, preferably something that does quality ripping, as I want to back up my DVD collection.

Which drive is best for this?

I was thinking maybe one of the newer Lite-Ons would do the trick nicely.


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The Lite-On current range of drives would seem to be the way too go here.
I personally have liked the BenQ 1620/1640 for this in the past. But recently have looked at Lite-On SHW-16H5S & LH-201AP. As replacements.
BTW the LG is a good choice too. :wink:


I’d go with LiteOn. My Samsung SH-S182D is a great reader also, but it’s riplocked, whereas my LiteOns aren’t. :slight_smile:

BTW, my LGs aren’t terrific readers/rippers either, but the burning side is excellent :wink:


Liteon are good. Some people release firmware hacks to help get around the smart-x/ riplock features.


Yea. Lite-On drives are good for that. I personally would say my Toshiba SD-M1612 drive is the best one but they have long since discontinued that one. The drive is a beast when it comes to error-correction capability


Yeah, my SH-S182D is the same in that respect.

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Same as zebadee here but i don’t have SHW-16H5S or a LG but if you want quality scanning to go with it Lite-On or BenQ is what i would choose. I’ve been reading in the AnyDVD forum and seems the Lite-On LH-18A1P/A1H and LH-20A1P/A1H series have problems using it but i haven’t seen any problems yet.


I have a BenQ 1640 and the Lite-On SHW-165H6S, even though the BenQ is not a faster ripper, I found it’s better in dealing with scratchs and other imperfections on source discs.


Well… Lite-On 20AH1-186 it is… my last CDR burner was a lite on and it never let me down… could read CD’s that my DVD-ROM drive couldn’t.