Whats the Best Drive for Reading Pressed DVD Disks with CRC Errors

I was just wanting some peoples advice as to what is the best drive for Reading pressed DVD’s (DVD9) with CRC errors on. I currently have a NEC 3540 and Liteon DVDrom 163D (with GR8 firmware). I have just bought a Pillips 16LSK drive and plan on replacing the Liteon with it.

But i still want something to read these troublesome disks if this new setup is not good enough.

So i was planning on buying (if needed) an outer casing for the liteon or buy another drive if neccissary and an external casing for that.

So which is the Best Drive for rerading these DVD’s some people have said Liteon, others Acer and others BTC. If it is Liteon is the drive i have currently the best for this and should it be a DVD-rom or DVDRW too.


I have had good luck with the AOpen 1648 AAP. Others have said that BenQ 1620 is a good reader, but I have not found this to be true. With all my drives, it seems that there is no pattern surfacing as to which drive is the better reader other than the AOpen.

The BTC1008 is a good reader, it hasn’t failed yet. I recently for a Pioneer writer but I’m still hanging on to my BTC because it’s the only one that’s never failed to read a disc with errors on

I just purchased that DVD Rom on your word dude… lets hope you know what you’re talking about LOL

Since I started this post last year i have since got myself the Asus 616A DVD-Rom drive.

And this is a truly fabulous reader. That will read practically almost anything. For example last week i put a DVD disk that was literally cracked in half. Well more like cracked in quater as one side of the disk from the outer edge to the centre of the DVD was snapped in half. the other side was still intact. The bloody thing still read it though! and let me back it up.

I was literally flabbergasted! at the time. That is some impressive reading. As i thought if the disk was cracked then no way could any drive read the disk. But i have now be proven that this is not the case.

Welcome to the forum. My recommendation is a year old, but I still find my AOpen to be a very good drive. You are lucky to find one as they have been out of production for some time.

Cool, I have a NEC 3540A Burner which has been driving me pretty nuts, first it was mired in this annoying riplock (I wondered why it took 2 and a half hours to rip a dvd on a computer that was twice as fast as my old oe) I did a firmware update (from the official site! WTF!? ) and that got rid of the rip lock but I also noticed that before and fater the firmware update I got a lot of CRC errors on flawless commercial dvds o data dvds I just burnt on a dell sitting right next to it at work (putting a handle on my case is just too much temptation to not take my rig to work sometimes)

Well anyway thanks for putting that tip out there I ordered the Aopen drive for $35 off tiger (shipping and all) so now I get to wait on their overpriced super slow shipping


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, Tiger does not have an AOpen 1648 AAP drive. As I said, they have been out of production for a while. The drive Tiger has is the 1648 L. There were a lot of comments here about the fact that AOpen had a few drives with similar names and they were not the same hardware.

Many pressed DVDs have CRC errors but your NEC drive is not the best reader. Hopefully the AOpen you get will be better.


1 A457-6012 Aopen DVD 1648L 16X DVD-ROM Drive

I had that exact same drive (made the same mistake as you). All it is, is just a rebadged liteon drive.

They are ok rippers but not the best. The 1648/AAP is i believe a pioneer based drive. (someone would have to confirm this though).

I replaced my 1648L with a Asus 616A a few months back and this drive is light years better. Disks that could not be at all read with the 1648L breeze through without a hitch on my Asus.

Well I tried to cancel my order, they claim its been shipped (yeah right) so I clicked the return button…

I just want a dvd backup system that will work reliably is that so wrong…

shame on the hardware manufacturers for producing faulty equipment in droves like that

If you can find one for a low price, the newer Lite-ON DVD burners (5S/6S series) are good readers and maybe an alternative to a dedicated DVD-ROM.

The Aopen 1648 AAP was/is very good but I wouldn’t neccessarily say it was the best drive I’ve used to recover data.

Its not that they are faulty it is just some drives are better at some things than others.

Like for example the NEC’s and Benq’s are the best burners you can get. Sony’s are practically useless compared to both of those two. But you couldnt really say sony drives are faulty.

Same with rippers. Some drives are better at ripping through CRC containing disks. Some are very fast rippers and so forth.

The Aopen 1648/AAP was generally known as the crem de la crem of drives as it was a good ripper with amazing speed. But you cant get it no more.

The Asus 616A was also producing coments of amazing ripping so i took the plunge and ordered one in SVP’s sale. And it was the best move i ever made. Which is why i am raving about it.

The second best move i ever made was at the same time i bought a Benq 1650 burner which is the best burner i have ever tried. So i am pretty much sorted now on both ends.


Why don’t you just go for the Asus listed above? Newegg.com has it for less than $30 delivered. Anthony1uk seems to like it. Take his word.

Here is the review site i first saw it at.

Link To it Here

They have a load of other good DVD-Rom drive reviews if you want to look over what is best.

Here is the link

This should help sort you out.


Would that be the same as the Asus E616a

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827135085 or perhaps the Asus E616A2

or any of the models on this page? http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?N=2010100055+50001315+1037906794&Submit=ENE&Manufactory=1315&SubCategory=55

I dont want to have to return two drives in the same week cause I got model number PWned

Yes it is the Asus E616a.

I suspect the Asus E616a2 will be a newer edition of the drive with even more improvements.

This is the one i have and where i bought it in the UK


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Pressed dvd with CRC?

That usually is copy-protection, nothing else…

I actually see CRC errors a lot on defective pressings, especially from cheaper manufacturers. Kino has a lot of these.