Whats the best DIVX DVD player i can buy for £45 inc postage?

Hi all, i am sure its been asked before, and i would have used the search apart from when i try to do so and search on the words “DIVX Player”, it just takes me to a blank page… :confused:

in any case, im after buying one of these in the next 48 hours and need your input. ive got £40 to £50 to spend on it and it must have the following features…

capable of playing from a USB stick,
DIVX AND XVID compatable
i havent a clue what progressive scan is but i presume it will be a good thing to have for the 32" LCD i plan on buying next year as i suppose would be HDMI.

any and all help appreciated :slight_smile:

Progressive scan operates over the component video (YPbPr) connection, and converts interlaced to non-interlaced at twice the vertical resolution - an inverse telecine for well mastered film DVD.

Where HDMI is used, similar conversion may take place, or an upscaling feature may be offered. Upscaling in the DVD player may be slightly better than upscaling in the TV, as the DVD player has the digital data direct from the DVD, with no other steps getting in the way.

That said, a 32" gives quite good results from RGB SCART, 625i.

If you go higher with 1080p support, then an upscaling player may be a good investment.