What's the Best CDRW there is?

Well I going to build a new Computer now and need a ASS KICKING CDRW … I have a Plextor 124ts and a Lite On 24x CDRW ,but I’m going to upgrade … so can anyone tell me about a ASS KICKING CDRW … I read someplace here in the Forum that the 24x LiteOn’s can’t handel all the GameProtections … is this true ? I also need a good Reader … the Lite On LTD 163 / 165 as good as it was ? ore are there a new “KING on The HILL”.

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Lite On 24x

I think you’ve already got a kick ass cdrw, but if you want the exact drive with more speed. Get a 40x lite-on. It’s also anouncing new f/w to support Mt Ranier and P-cav writing. I’m also looking for a good cd-rom too.

Yeah, Liteon 40x12x48 is the ONE.
I have one of those too and I’t good, really good. The best I think. =)

As far as I know LiteOn 24x can handle all game protections but it can’t read audio protections (but can write).

OK so LiteOn’s are still the best :cool: … I just have heard some roumers about Philips and Asus … I know that some of the Asus models are good … So the LiteOn can handel all gameprotections ,but not CDS 100 / 200 that I knew ,but it will write it if the IMG. file if it’s read correct , so what CD/DVD ore CDRW can read these Audio Protections correct ?

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Lite-On 40x ofcourse!

LG has a 40x CAV writer out. Its supposed to be the fastest yet. LG is known for a decent level of quality.

LTR-40125S (Liteon40x) will get CAV support in next firmware version (Not 100% sure but so I’ve heard. Correct me if I’m wrong).

I go the new 40x asus.

I concur with the 40x Litey!

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