Whats the best CDRW drive?



Im thinking of a new CDRW, I already have a Samsung DVD TS-H552B, but judging from what ppl have been saying, may not be as good for the tougher protections.

So what drive does anyone recommend that will backup the majority of copy protections, bearing in mind that it will be doing the reading aswell.


what you need is a 3 sheep drive
liteon CDRW is probably a good choice
by the way how does the TS-H552B treats you?


Plextor Premium and the Lite on drives have about the best track record for copying protected games.


The TS-H552B so far is having trouble with Safedisk 3.2, havent tried any other protection as yet. But the review for this drive is a 2 sheep drive if im not mistaken, Ive just updated the firmware so, with any luck, when I write again this afternoon, fingers crossed it will work, if not, I`ll be looking for a CDRW to do reading and writing.


The Lite-On is a good choice. Supports everything, including media quality tests. The only downside is that its not made out of the best matterial quality. At least that is what I think, as my 5238S is very light. Yet, CD-recorders are so cheap, that if it dies, you just replace it. Alternatively the Plextor might be a good choice for a quality long-lasting recorder, but for the price of a DVD-RW.