Whats the best CD Reader for doing on the fly copies

Hi guys my setup is as follows

Writer Plextor 12/10/32A
Reader Plextor 8/4/32A
ABit KT7A Raid M/B
Athlon 1.33GHz CPU
512Meg Mem
Radeon 64 DDR

Was working great until my plex reader started giving me grief…

Whats the best Reader I can replace it with or shall I just buy another 12x or 16x Plextor burner?

Please reply asap.

AOpen or Toshiba drives are known for their good qualities.

If you had SCSI I would have suggested the UltraPlex40Max…

My main worry is that I do not want the old CD audio reading speed must be greater than writing speed (CDRWIN).

Also I may be upgrading to the Plex 16x so I will need audio reading speed to be higher then 20x at the slowest.

Any help?

Perhaps this link helps you:

It is the DAE test of the Plex 16x

At that site you can find various hardware comparisons…you should check it out.

get a teac40x, you’ll never have to worry again…

A good choice is the Toshiba DVD SM1502 (Atapi) which can read very fast even the SubChannels.

But what’s the big problem if it hangs a little when reading? The Burnproof (for the 1210) would just kick in, wright?

Nope in CDRWIN 3.8D if the CD you are copying on the FLY as any audio on it you will get a error message before you can even start to burn…

“CD audio reading speed must be greater than writing speed (CDRWIN).”

Thats why I need a reader capable of around 20x audio and data reading…

Does anyone else here copy on the fly if so what is your setup…

Its ok guys problem solved now using Clone CD v3.0.0.14 Beta and it works great, on the fly copying now supported this has to be the greatest burning software on the market…

Opinions please

So far it as copied everything iv’e thrown at it DC, PSX, PS2, PC, VCDz ect ect…

O if anyone needs it give me a shout and Ill sort it out for you ;o) if you know what I mean…


Try and get a Plex40X scsi as they really are the best. But if not get a Toshiba, i use mine and there good DVD and Cd readers
Good Luck