What's the best burner for DL recording?

I’m looking for suggestions for the best DL burner for DL recordings on Verbatim. Also, as long as the media is certified, is burning speed an issue with regards to quality?


Pioneer 112D. If in the USA Best Buy has Pioneer 1810 but it’s the same.

Try the speeds to find sweet spot with your burner. Pioneer does NOT scan very well.

thanks. I’ll research the 112d. ebay has them in the US for $40 shipped. I like the 10X DL support

From the scans i’ve seen they are the best for Verbatim DL media so far to this day. They burn them really nice. Look through the Pioneer 112D 1st look thread.

Pioneer 111D with Verbatim 2.4X+R9(MKM001) would be a perfect match. I haven’t played 112, so I can’t say anything about it.

I strongly suggest staying away from eBay for items like these. Go with a reputable on-line retailer like Newegg. Their return/RMA policies are better if you would happen to get a dud drive.