Whats the best bios for my lowly 1300A

thanks in advance

Herrie’s 1.0C Bitsetting Final Test 2

And what makes it lowly? I have one, it’s been a great burner for me with all sorts of media. :smiley:

hehe i am happy with it, only make semi coasters 2x when testing the ONES software


what are these??

NEC’s original firmware with Rip lock and/or Region protection removed.


how are they different to this??? isnt the herrie one a RPC2 but auto resetting anywyas, so i dont need the RPC1 ?

whats riplock ?? sorry to sound noob :wink:

Herrie has modified some of the write strategies to improve burning/ support more media. The others you are linking to have not modified the write strategies, I don’t believe.

Riplock is a speed lock put on the drive that only allows slow(er) speed ripping (extracting/copying of data) of a disc. With riplock removed, it allows faster speeds in copying DVDs to your hard drive, to put it simply.

so i go for herrie or the speed?? can i do mutli flashes??

EDIT i prefer perfect writes to quicker reads

Herrie’s has riplock removed as well, and Region protection is really a non-issue. Yes you can do multiple flashes, although I wouldn’t make it a habit to do it on a constant basis. Just try the version I suggested from the start, many people have used Herrie’s firmware with great success.

P.S. - Herrie’s also has added bitsetting in the firmware for +R/+RW media, to improve compatibility. After you’ve updated the firmware, you should use a program such as Nero CD-DVD Speed to set the bitsetting for +R media to -ROM for highest compatibility with standalone DVD players.

hey i set it and got the ok confirmation but it doesnt keep the setting

hey i still cant get the bitsetting to dvdrom…or is it set??? but not listed???


You have to use appropriate tools that support your drive to be able to use BS.

i use herrie bios and nero bitsetting …so where did i go wrong??

Nero problem.

Try with DVDDecrypter.

SORRY FOR NOOB Q’ BUT where can i find the dvddecryptor?


By google’ing.

I just saw that www.dvddecrypter.com forwards to Google UK now.

hi thanks for that i tried it select NEC for book type and it says:

current setting: unknown(failed)

whats going on here ?? can i sue herrie j/k lol :slight_smile: