Whats the best App to split Wav files..?

I hope that i am not asking a question that has been asked a million times before as i have done a search and couldn’t find any answers.

Basically i am after an App that can split different sound formats into different tracks.

Currently i use Nero, but to do this you have to first load the whole track into memory first (Which takes ages!)then add splits.

Now the reason i need to split them is that some of the music that i am getting i like a mix from various DJ’s, but unfortunaly sometimes there ain’t bin and cue files just a large track

So what i’m after is an app that can split my tracks with Ease-without having to wait 5 mins or more for the whole 80 mins track to load into memory

ThanX in Advance

if your burner is supported and you don’t need the splitted files, then the best is Feurio!

It has a non destructive Track Editor really really fast.
Of course, the original is not modified and there are no splitted files, but if you only need to burn, then it’s the best you’ll find.

Load or rip the track to Feurio CD-Manager, press the Track Editor button, and press “Split Track (linked)” where desired.


If the track is ripped with Feurio, a .OVR file is created along with the .WAV file and you don’t have to wait anything to open the wave.

If there’s no .OVR, one is created the 1st time, and the following times is really quick to open the file.

The Track Editor is something like this:
(the 5th button is the one you want to use)

Thank You!
I have just recently downloaded this little App and i have to say preformance wise it is a sweet as a nut!
It takes very little time to load a full 80 min track into memory, ready for splitting into different tracks-WHooo!

ThanX :slight_smile:


This little App is GREAT but it doesn’t seem to allow you to ‘cut’ or ‘increase the volume’ of your sound files :frowning:

Is there another App with this speed but those extra features…?

Feurio can normalize or increase volume, but files will not be modified. Only the volume is changed when burned in disc or while playing in Feurio!.
It’s a “non-destructive” editor, not a “real” editor: that’s why it’s so fast and so limited.

It’s a bit hidden in the Track Editor. Search the “Ampl.” box between the waves and the “Play (Block)” button.
100% is the original volume of the track. You can increase or decrease the volume by changing that value. If you change again to 100% no info is lost.

If you want automatic normalizing you can use “Extra” -> “Adjust Amplitude (whole project)”.
Check the help for better info.

You can cut tracks, but only at the start or end of tracks.
You can’t cut audio from the middle of a track.

Use the “Action” -> “Set start position” or “Set end position”.
This will mark the start or end of track.

This will only work if the tracks are in separated files. If they’re joined, those options will only change the positions but won’t reduce the total time.

If you want to really modify the original files you will need a real editor like Goldwave, SoundForge, CoolEdit (Audition?), etc.

MP3Gain is the tool for normalizing MP3 files.

Best Progarm in This Category is “Propellerheads Recyle” www.propellerheads.se
,Cool Audio Splitter And Very Powerful Tool For Sampling.

Also You Can Use Goldwave (very fast Mp3 loading For Splitting or Editing)