Whats the Best All-in-One Program to convert Avi/Divx to DVD in HIGHEST Quality?

Hi all,

I have read through the tutorials & it seems like a pain to convert a downloaded DivX to DVD so I can watch it on my standalone DVD player… ie a lot of fiddly steps…

  • Q1) What is the Best ‘all-in-one’ Program to convert Avi/Divx to DVD in HIGHEST Quality ?

I have tried “VSO DivxToDVD” - easy to use, But the output looks the same low quality as the DivX input, and it does NOT maintain the proper aspect ratio(ie 16:9)

  • Q2) Is “Cucusoft AVI to VCD DVD MPEG Converter Pro” OR “DVDsanta” any Better ?

  • Q3) Is there one that allows me to set the output to a higher quality than the one output by “VSO DivxToDVD” ?

BTW: I can NOT try “Ahead Nerovision v3” because I can NOT install shitty DirectX 9 on my Windows 2000 Box(install fails!) - so any other recommendations besides that one would be great :wink:

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I like using dvdsanta… it’s simple and gives great results.

Of course the output will look the same low quality as the DivX file, you can’t improve the quality of the source (unless you want to experiment with filters), the best you can get is equal quality to the source although it’s more likely that finished DVD will be slightly inferior to the DivX file.

***** dvdsanta! not free, not good, etc.


If you’re like me and want a system which does everything for you, in my case individual programs was far too complicated and time consuming.
The easiest by far was nerovision, but apparantly is not good quality, I tried winavi and was easy but awful results(jittery picture and sound), tried procoder express and didn’t get on with that so went back to nerovision until the post above suggested the film machine, downloaded it , you have to get cinama craft encoder to go with it and bobs your uncle, haven’t used it yet but presume as it’s using all the recommended coders, authore etc, the results should be good, speed wise i’ll let you know.
Thanks to the above for the link and thoughts on the film machine???

Hi skitty,

I tried Canopus ProCoder v2 but it wouldn’t run as it needs Direct v9 NOT 8 … doh

I tried the “The Film Machine”. Great interface and well set out wizard, however the result output using ‘cinama craft encoder’(both v2.67.00.27 & v2.67.00.23) was Crap! - All the color blues in the original movie came out as Yellows after encoded!!

I also tried DVD2SVCD 1.2.2 and because it uses the same encoder, the shitty color problem happened again… but the GUI on that is terrible!

The easiest to use, with a result that looked almost identical to the original & played perfectly in my standalone dvd player was VSO DivxToDVD [http://www.vso-software.fr/divxtodvd/divxtodvd.htm]
The only problem the VSO had was the aspect ratio wasn’t kept exactly at 16:9 like the original and you can’t fiddle with any quality settings. But hey, it worked flawlessly were the other “raved” about crappy software didn’t.

I will give TMPGEnc DVD a try and maybe DVDsanta(no, I don’t give a s*** if its free or not… its always free for me!)… after trying these 2 I will report back my results :slight_smile:

Hi mate, just tried film machine and came up with an error in sound, something to do with bitrate or something before it even started, so back with nero express 2.
Although it seems most people don’t like the quality of nero express it rarely f***s up.
For me a all in one is essential as i’m not “clever” enough to use individual programs.
I used tmpenc and was impressed with the result but it had no sound, so I presume a seperate decoder needed for that and is to complicated for me.
Lmk your results mate.
I thought cce had a option for blue faces etc.

I was using NeroVision Express, but decided against it, as you had to have a menu (I just wanted the video to start). I played around with the free ones for a while, but with no real luck, I always thought dvdSanta was cheap+newbie software like Dr. DivX or DVDXCopy and wouldnt be that good, anyway, I bought it today (about £15) but I found that if I use

  1. VirtulDub to resize to 640x360 (16:9) or 640x480 (4:3), and crop black borders (takes around 1 hour to recode to 1400mb XviD)
  2. dvdSanta to turn into DVD movie
  3. Nero 6 to burn to DVD

I find the results are very good.

Ben :slight_smile:

Best encoders are Mainconcept and Canopus, next would be tmpgenc and CCE.
Best Authoring apps are DVDLab and Pinnacle, after that would be tmpgenc dvd author.
VSO’s program is a no brainer. Input avi, output dvd. That’s all it does, nothing fancy.
The others are just gui’s wrapped around CCE, Canopus or tmpgenc.
If you’re just going to burn a dvd, with no menus and such, virtualdub, VSO, and Nero would be my choice.
DVDSanta just doesn’t do it. Audio sync is always out, macroblocks on video are terrible, especially on dark scenes, playskool interface. It’s not worth 15¢, let alone £15.
Film Machine works, if your avi is perfect.
SVCD2DVD works if you have one of the 4 encoders it will work with, AND you read a guide or two on how to use it at www.videohelp.com

Edit above.
All-in-one and Quality is an oxymoron.
If you want all in one, get VSO, free, and it works.
If you want quality, get Canopus or Mainconcept to encode, DVDLab Pro to author.
If you want to mess with the finer points of encoding even more, get CCE and AVS, with DVDLab.
If you want to get into professional stuff, get Sony Vegas. Bring mucho $$$$$.


Tried FileMachine & SVCD2DVD but this time with the TMPGenc encoder instead of the CCE encoder… results… just as shit as the CCE encoder… blue faces of people…


Tried both commercial versions of Pegasys TMPGEnc XPress v3.0.4.24 & Pegasys TMPGEnc Plus v2.521.58.169

They are pretty similar, but the XPress is a more recent version to me offers better wizards and fine tune settings.

When encoding, only encode 2%, then stop & look at the output, and modify the settings as per taste. This is the quickest way to see what out you are looking for. It performed as it should. No crashes, problems, blue fasces and the aspect ratio was maintained at 16:9 which was the only problem I found with VSO!

For XPress the output in DVD looked as good if not better than the Divx input on my TV & standalone DVD player.


  1. You need double the HD space compared to using VSO(ie you need 10 GIG HD Space … 700MB Divx -> 4.5 GIG .mpv -> 4.5 GIG .vob

  2. You need another program to auther (ie convert .mpv to .vob)like Pegasys TMPGEnc DVD Author v1.5.20.62 which I also used and it worked pretty well. - I might give DVDLab Pro a try to author later on when I have more time to fiddle.

Sad to say I wasted a weekend playing with freeware crap that should be put out to pasture… FileMachine & SVCD2DVD… moooooooooo

Hope this helps others unsure which might be the best encoder to convert Divx to DVD !!

Your problems are with the Divx/Xvid codec you have installed and not the problem of either The FilmMachine or DVD2SVCD. You wouldnt happen to have one of those infamous Codec Packs installed by any chance ?

@askabar, what OS r u running ?

anyway, for avi to dvd conversion i have found nero visionexpress to be the ONLY program that ever worked 100% correctly each time. suggest you try a small avi first, say 100MB avi. see what results. vbmenu_register(“postmenu_833523”, true);

Doesn’t matter what OS. Green and blue off colour stuff is a codec problem.
Don’t blame perfectly good software, when it’s your own ignorance that’s causing all your own grief. A hacked DivX5 codec, with Xvid installed, one setting wrong, and everything goes to shit.
Time to uninstall all your codecs, and reinstall only the ones you NEED, not every single one in the kazaalite codec pack.
If you don’t know what codecs you need, or how to install, it’s time to check out some guides on the subject.

Hi reboot,

maybe I have not understood how this encoding works, but why would a ‘playback codec’ cause the blue faces when encoding with “TheFilmMachine & SVCD2DVD”(using either TMPGenc OR CCE encoder codec) & NOT when encoding with “Pegasys TMPGEnc XPress v3.0.4.24, Pegasys TMPGEnc Plus v2.521.58.169, Canopus ProCoder v2 & VSO DivxToDVD” ???

  • BTW: "TMPGEnc XPress v3.0.4.24 & TMPGEnc Plus v2.521.58.169 both use the same “TMPGenc encoder codec” with NO playback blue faces problems ??


Either (or both) the playback codec and encoder codec have issues, probably incompatibility between what the avi is encoded with, and whatever codec you’re using to play it.
Tmpgenc is using it’s own, different, built in codec(s) (VFAPI reader, look in environmental settings) to decode avi, and encode to mpeg. The other encoders use a codec from your system, and have no built in decoder codecs of their own.
SVCD2DVD uses avisynth to script the output to tmpgenc, and reads the decoded video from a system codec, not tmpgenc’s. FilmMachine also uses a system codec.
If you were using Canopus, it would probably work, because it also has it’s own built-in (de)codecs.
A lot of times, Xvid is used, and overrides Divx playback, even though it appears to be divx. Plenty of known issues with this. One resolution is to remove all xvid and divx codecs from your system, and then install ONLY Xvid to handle both encoding and decoding. No guarantees. Uninstall Krystal codec pack, uninstall k-lite codec pack, (just to name two) you don’t need the nightmares.

I have to disagree. I have DVDsanta and no problems with audio sync. You must be doing it wrong… or your computer isn’t keeping up. I’ve had nothing but success with it.

Each to their own :smiley:
I personally didn’t like it one bit, including it’s terribly slow encoder.
Maybe I’m fussy, but I use different editors, encoders, and authoring apps, with different filters, quality of output, and complexities, depending on my source.

You CAN turn the menu option off mate and play the movie without one.
Go into more at the bottom the option is there to untick the create menu box.
I think you have to do this before you “add” the files.

this is related to a post of mine

this looks like the answer to me-
NO converting !

I found a price on it ----$160