What's the average temperature outside?



Some countries in Europe currently face their coldest times since 50 years! :eek:

How’s the temperature where you are? Comfy? :slight_smile:

Here in Dutchie-Land it’s around -1 C, which is a bit colder than normal in March.


-2 C here, and a lot of snow (35cm)!!


Hm… nearly half of my daughter’s height!


Tonight the temp dropped to about -20C here (in the middle of sweden) It hasn’t been this cold since… last winter. Howerver the weather this winter has been very strange. It was like -10 C most of november and lots of snow then December was warm with up to 10 C and January and half of Febuary too then it got colder down to -10 again with snow and strong winds and now it’s very cold. (seriously, weather gods you have to pull your shit together)


Its a nice, mild 55-65f during the day here in Texas. Some of the natives seem to think that its an ice age though, lol. People freak out if you are not wearing a coat and 12 layers of clothing because it’s 50 degrees out. Weather here is pretty mild except for the blazing hot summers. It has been pretty eratic latlly though, 45f one day, 80f the next.


My pussycat disappeared into the snow when she went outside this morning. :bigsmile:
She loves snow. :iagree:


I really miss the snow. I think it’s time to move back up north.


I think I just ruined it … I’m in Australia and voted for 30 deg C :wink: Which is sorta the average over the whole year, although probably closer to 27 deg c :wink: , although yesterday it hit 40 deg c, today was a nice comfy 32 deg c :wink:


Yeah, yesterday was a bitch :frowning:


Wanna trade? :wink:


From the weather site, it seems temp here is approximately between -5 and +5. Because this is an almost articially built island with just about 20-30K people with just a few years of history, even the national weather site doesn’t list this island. Closest places are some of the biggest islands between here and North Korea and the peninsula side of Inchon City. Since it’s now 8 PM here, it must be about -5. Celcius is the only unit for measuring temperature here.


Sure, Namoh. Only for a day, though :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never seen snow :sad:


LOL, that’s hard to imagine for me … I can tell you that’s it cold. :wink:

Make it 2 weeks and we have a deal.


it’s 10.45 PM here and it’s about 28 C


in portugal , 13.00 and 15 C


Snowing here, first time in years.


it’s really cold here it’s at least down in the mid 60’s I was almost tempted to put on some shoes when I walked out to the mail box today…LOL




its hovering between 2 & 4c here and what little snow falls doesn`t last long :sad:


46 fahrenheit here.Don’t know about celsius.