Whats the answer for this giant problem?

Whats the answer for this giant problem ?


Since i have alot of dvd movies i make sometimes a copy ofthem.
Now that part goes perfect

I rip the dvds with dvddecrypter and when they are to big i compress them with dvd2one
but the problem is when i made a copy,some movies (not all) i copieed freezes at the last 10 a 20 minutes of the movie. i tried other media other burnprograms and i burn always at 1 x but still the same problem .
while they play perfectly on my pc with powerdvd

i think its not an dvd2one problem because some dvdmovies other people have ripped with other programs have sometimes the same problem…


who can help me with this giant problem :frowning:

You can try using a user defined size for DVD2one say like 4300. I use this all the time because I don’t like writing to the edge of a dvd. Writing to the edge on some media could cause skipping towards the end of the movie.

thnx for your reply but thats not the problem i have dvds like 3,5 gig with the same problem

@ greevels,

Your problem appears to be media related. Suggest purchasing some “top of the line” media, record at a low speed and see what happens.


bjkg dont think so

i burned at different media ,always at 1x so thats not the problem i think .


How long have you had your burner and did you have these problems before you got DVD21?

I solved this problem by replacing my dvd rom drive in my stand alone player & installing a cpu fan in the back of the stand alone players case.
Fixed ALL my problems.
Your problem isnt media or the burning program, or the speed you burn at. Its the drive in your SAP.
check my post here.
Try the fan first. I am sure that will solve your problems.
If not try replacing the drive. Mine cost about $75 (Australian)
The key to solving problem is your statement “plays in my pc”
Why is that ???

A friend of mine had similar problems with movies freezing / pixelating towards the end of the films.

It turned out the dvd player had a surround sound amplifier built in and he had been leaving the player on 24 hours a day. When he came to watch a film the player was already running very very hot because of the amplifier inside the case. He started turning the palyer off when not using it, and increased the space around the player for air to flow more freely and all his problems stopped!!

Also I hear that putting CD labels on DVD’s can cause similar problems though i’ve never seen it for myself.

Hope this helps!