What's that i smell? the sweet smell of Clearance

at officemax not sure of amounts or locations but today when i stopped by there were printable memorex -r media clearanced @ 29.00 see tag scan below. these turned out to be Prodisc S03 which are sorted @ 12x with LD 2TBRC2 (again see below)

In case you need more to motivate you:
Canon A400 and IP3000 149 with 70 MIR (check fatwallet for rebate link) the price was 299 original went down to 189 and has gone down again and appears to be B&M only. not on the website now. my store had something like 20 of them left. the camera seems to do a good job. the printer on the other hand is phenominal… i bought the camera as a gift and then sold the printer and made money on the deal… when i went to install the printer i found out it does duplex, has 2 paper paths so envelopes and photo paper do not mean pullng all the everyday paper to print 1 ups. Photo Quality??? it was nothing short unbelievable on the included samler pack. i might get a second of these and sell the camera and keep the printer.

there were some dvdburners 4x maddog toshy 5112 and 8x khypers. anyway have fun! it is spring cleaning at OMAX!

wow 100pk for $29.00 and there printable. great find.

Are they the inkjet printable ones?

No thanks, I will stick to the 4x TY which are cheaper. I won’t touch memorex with a 10 foot pole. :wink:

I have had some damn good results with the +R stuff, never tried the Memorex branded Prodisk. Not a bad looking scan (not great either) for 12x burn. Might have to try some of these.

Thanks for the hint.

yep they were part of a display for the r300 and r200 in our store.

@Jesterrace in the 4x all of the memo’s i purchased were ricohjpnr01 and worked awesome. the 8x i have tried were phillips c08 which i would not buy again. i have had pretty good luck with prodisc tho. i have about 400 left of 500 r02’s which are 4x and burn @8x perfectly and these 4x s03’s as you can see burn awesome @ 12x. and they are printable all the way to the spindle hole.

The +Rs aren’t bad if they are Ricoh but the -R discs suck for the price.

I know that Prodisc media is very variable but with max PIE under 40 and max PIF of 2 the scan looks great to me. Keep in mind that it is oversped by the factor of 3!

Sorry, I thought they were rated at 8x, my bad. Is that hacked firmware or manufacture release?

as listed above Liggy/Dee 2TB RC2