Whats that Belt in my Liteon?

As part of trying to fix my not working Liteon SHM-165H6S, I took it apart to clean the laser assembly. I put it back together and it just sits there and hums. Green light comes on, door wont open, nothing happens.

I took it apart again and at the back of the burner I found a loose 3/4 inch round belt. I looked closely at the open burner and I cant find anything that looks like a motor shaft, and nothing that looks like it is a power drive.

Googling for pictures of the Liteon, I got a few references that made me think the Liteon is all direct drive, but if thats true, how could a spare belt be in the back? The belt does feel “old” as if it had been used, but its not broken.

I assume that in taking the case off and the circuit boards off, that somehow the belt got removed?

Any help?—Thanks.

PS–My original problem that got fixed is labeled “3 Burners Failed in a Row” and originally this burner worked until the computer could not see it because of a software conflict. I took it apart to clean the laser in case that was the problem.

I’m guessing that, when you press the eject button, the tray doesn’t open?

It’s likely that [somehow?] you knocked the drive tray belt off. It shouldn’t be a biggie to put back on. You should see the two pulleys to put the belt back on near the front of the drive under the tray.

Thanks again Albert–you are exactly right. I thought you didn’t take the time to read my post as I SAID I COULDN’T FIND ANY POWER SHAFTS. (caps to emphasize, and maybe yell?—smile). But with your directions, I looked again and sure enough pully drive is just where you said. I found it by finding the track drive connected to the engaging wheel that is connected to the pulley wheel that is turned by the power drive. I think when I looked for it it was usually covered by the tray. I have attached the belt, its a little loose but still works. I put the power on it and the tray hangs up now–it has to be jiggle by my finger, it then opens and closes fine. Hopefully it will work when the data cable gets put on it, or something needs to be bent staight?

Just if you or anyone else knows, looking at the unit, I don’t see how the burning laser gets into the right position. Its got one guide bar on either side of it but I don’t see any mechanical action that would actually drive it forward and backward to make the burns or to read the disks??

Any easy explanation for that? I’d think a screw drive would drive the unit up and down, but once again, I don’t see anything I recognize?

Thanks so much again. bobbo.

Albert–you batted 1000 for me today==thanks again.