Whats so great about 'Quiet Drive'?

Ive seen a few people here flash to the A11XL, Im not really clear on what that does apart from make the drive read slower for watching a dvd or something that only requires a slow read speed. Is there more to it??

Erm… really??? why dont they just use nero drivespeed?

Thats what I was wondering, what the hell does flashing to A11 do for you besides what nero drivespeed does anyway?? Im lost :eek:

As I understand it, you can also raise the video rip speed using quietdrive, while the OEM firmware has an unavoidable riplock.

Pio 110 have not riplock oem or retail.

Neither does the 111. Which may be why Pioneer has not updated the Quitedrive Utility to workj with the 111.

Yup, i can confirm, no riplock on the dvr-111 :bigsmile:

What is the lowest speed in drivespeed and quiet-drive?

The lowest YOU set to.

What is the lowest speed in drivespeed and quiet-drive?

Drivespeed does not work with these drives!

There is nothing great about Quite Drive apart from the fact that it is the only software that will work with some Asus/Pioneer drives. I have Asus 1608P2S and drivespeed doesn’t work nor any other program of this kind, so the only way is to crossflash to another model and use the Pioneer propriety software for speed control. However, the drive has internal automatic speed control, but it’s not 100% reliable (sometimes it plays cd audio or mp3 at full speed), but most often it works.


I have an Asus 1608P2S and drive speed works :

Minaelromany, that is very interesting what you are writing! I’m very curious why drive speed works for you and not for me? I’m also on 1.39 firmware (from Asus) and drivespeed doesn’t detect any speeds apart from 8x for DVD and 24x & 40x for CD, I can add slower speeds manually but they don’t work at all. What’s your system setup? My drive is on Secondary IDE Master, I also have an old Teac CD-ROM as slave on the same IDE. Both drives are on Ultra DMA Mode 2. Is there anything different in your case? I’m wondering how I could make it work…

Asus should be UDMA 4 not 2 , I suggest that you dissconnect your Teac and try again.
I have the Asus as Secondary IDE Master “UDMA4” and Benq 1640 as a Secondery IDE Slave “UDMA2” .
I’ve also found that when setting drive speed to 2x , I can copy bad discs to my HDD , while at maximum , the copy process fails .

I noticed I had a 40-pin cable that connected this drive. But I had a 80-pin cable for my HD, so I switched the cables so that now I have HD on UDMA-2 and the Asus drive on UDMA-4. But still Drivespeed doesn’t work! Something has changed, though - when I start Drivespeed I can hear the drive starts spinning at maximum speed (no matter which speed I choose). And while copying data from a DVD if I change the read speed, I can hear the drive slows down for a second and then goes back to its previuos speed - so while the drive reacts in some way, it still does not work at all. Any ideas what to do about it? Is your drivespeed able to autodetect speeds or do you have to set them manually?

Insert a dvd media with content (written/pressed) into the burner and start drivespeed, then add various speeds in the options…

Insert a dvd media with content (written/pressed) into the burner and start drivespeed, then add various speeds in the options…

That’s just what I’ve been doing - it doesn’t change the speed :frowning:

Make sure you select them for CD and DVD.

I’m sure I select them right - if a dvd is in drive then I can only set the speeds for dvd, when a cd - only for cd. None of that works…

What says infotool about ASPI?

System ASPI: not installed

Nero ASPI: ASPI is installed and working properly.
Length: 164112 bytes
Date: November 02, 2004

Currently, Drivespeed behaves like it does the opposite of what it is intended to do: when I start it, the disc begins spinning at highest (noisiest) level and it continues like that forever even if I don’t read any data. Very weird.