What's so great about CloneDVD Mobile



:bigsmile: I use all the other products that slysoft sells and I think there great!! unfortunately when I downloaded the trial I was very busy for the next 21 days and I didn’t have time to give CloneDVD Mobile a fair shot. I converted 1 movie to mpeg4 four my ipod but it didn’t play at all. Don’t get me wrong I’m not Blaming anyone but myself, I didn’t have time to get to know the product. So here’s my dilemma about one month before CloneDVD Mobile was released I purchased PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter and I need a GOOD reason to spend another 39.00 on another program that does the same thing, since all I would be using it for is my ipod. I really do like elby and slysofts products or I wouldn’t even ask. So can anyone give me A GOOD reason why I need CloneDVD Mobile more than or in addition to PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter since all I would use it for is ipod Movies.


i’m a 100% slysoft supporter, but if you’ve already paid good money and are satisfied with the program you already own, why not stick with it?

i have no use for any program like what clonedvd mobile does so I’m sure someone else will come in with the benefits of it. I’m just talking from a pure practicality standpoint (then again a person addicted to a hobby like this usually isn’t big on “practical” ;))


I’m a 100% slysoft supporter to that’s why the 39.00 price instead of the cheaper bundled price. but I’m halfway hoping someone has a good reason just because I’m a 100% slysoft supporter I guess that’s where the Impractical comes in and loyalties take over.


I think the difference you will find with Clondvd mobile will be the support, the updates,and the great people you get to bug on this forum… :bigsmile:


I bought the PSP Movie Creator because I couldn’t find a program that would correctly transcode some movies – the Incredibles and the Matrix come to mind – for my PSP. That program for some reason didn’t have an audio sync problem with those two movies, so I figured it would be okay for my needs…

Turns out the mp4 files created won’t load on the PSP for those movies – which I didn’t know at the time – I’ve since used CloneDVDmobile along with three free programs (Rejig and ImagoMPEG-Muxer and PSP Video 9) to create AVC files with no audio sync problems for those DVD’s that provided a challenge…Slysoft seems to update their products more often, too, and PSP MOvie Creator doesn’t do AVC files…

So right now, I’m in the Slysoft camp, even though CloneDVDmobile has a way to go…It’s certainly headed in the right direction…



I’m using the trial now and will buy it soon, the speed of the app is pretty amazing, I’ve tried alot of other convrters and the speed and the output produce is amazing, about 8 min for a 320x240 file and 13 min for 640x480 and the image rivals some 2 pass conversions I’ve done. The intrface is very nice and it quick and easy to get stuff on my Zen.