What's simply THE best dvd burner for reading scratched DVDs?

What DVD burner has the most powerful/strong lens that is very good among all burners to read scratched dvds?

I don’t care about the other features, about the speed, etc, I don’t care. I just care about the strenght of reading scratched dvda.

Thanks in advance, suggestions are immensly appreciated.

Thereis none BEST.

Lower the read speed and try different drives.

That’s the truth, pretty much. Of my drives, though, an LG GSA-H42N and a Lite-on SOHW-812S are best at reading scratched/damaged DVDs. The ability to read damaged media can vary a lot from drive to drive even in models/series known as good readers and rippers, so it can be difficult to successfully identify and purchase a drive for that purpose.


That said, I had an experience awhile back, where a friend gave me a (Ritek G05 :eek: ) disc to get the data off it for him, as his Sony (rebadged LiteOn 6S drive) wouldn’t read it.

None of my drives would even acknowledge the disc’s presence…except my Sammy SH-S182D :cool:

I have had a whole host of DVD-Roms and DVD Burners from different manufacturers.

And like you I hunted for some months to find the best ripper for faulty DVD disks.

My reasons for this is that I buy a load of ex-rentals from Blockbuster (my local BB sells them at £1 a disk).

However most of them have read errors causing stuttering/crashing while playback on my standalone.

So I hunted for a drive to allow me to give me a repaired backup.

I found from reading around a fantastic review for the (then) newly released Asus 616A DVD-Rom drive.

I bought this from SVP.co.uk and tried a bunch of the Blockbuster disks that I kept around which were unreadable in my 3 previous Liteon DVD-Roms, A NEC and Benq Burners. Also the famous Aopen DVD-Rom drive (which name I now forget) which is what most people on CDfreaks said was the best reader of damaged DVD disks. I paid around £20 for this on Ebay second hand as it was at the time in 2005 no longer available brand new.

But I was amazed as the Asus read them all, that none of the others could, without the slightest hitch or slowdown.

I have had it for two years now and it is simply an amazing reader of damaged disks.

However like the above poster I also bought the Samsung 162C DVD-Rom (the one with the Kreon Firmware) and on rare occasions when the Asus couldn’t read a damaged DVD disk I put it inside the Samsung and this read them without a hitch.

So either of these two drives would be excellent IMHO.

Hope this is some help

Samsung especially the newer drives

thanks for the replies!! Also, is there any webpage that ships to USA that I can buy that Samsung 162C DVD-Rom??

I really agree with you Tropic, my LGH42N is a great reader, it has never failed. You know I love my BenQ but this drive is special, quality,speed, accuracy, its all you could ask from a drive.:iagree:

Just to further prove you never know:
My old NEC 3540 gives up on the slightest scratch or hair, but I had an old Mad Dog DVD-ROM I bought for like $20 (rebranded ARTEC DHM-G48 2.xx) that could read ANYTHING (ok nearly anything).

I bought a second newer Mad Dog for my Dad’s PC because of that, which was also Artec, but a newer series, and it would read anything… but it read bad data when there was a scratch. It didn’t know the difference.

That said, how is Pioneer’s DVR-212D at reading the ugly? I’ve heard good things, but no one is mentioning them here.

I find DVD-ROM drives superior to writers for pressed media. My experiences with some recent poorly manufactured DVD5/DVD9 discs showed DVD-ROM drives to have superior error correction abilities to all my writers for those discs.

Writers are better for reading recordable media tho :slight_smile:

Hmm. Can you recommend a good DVD-ROM drive then? Perhaps I’ll pick up both.

You could try the Asus & Samsung models mentioned.

To be clear that’s the Samsung 162c and Asus 616a?

Yes, if they are still available. The Asus drive has changed a few times.

If it is any help this is the review of the Asus 616a that prompted me to buy it.

Asus 616a Review

With a full set of features which includes DVD-RAM reading support, the new E616A has become a very attractive choice if you are looking for a good and reliable reader. The DVD error correction mechanism was excellent, producing no errors with any of our test discs. So don’t worry about those old scratched discs, since along with the Auto-Switch mechanism which adjusts the speed accordingly, the drive produces the best possible results.

Yeah I can find the Asus, but my search for Samsung DVD-Roms isn’t working out.

It kinda blows that there’s only a $5-10 difference between a DVD-ROM drive and a top of the line burner.
You’d think they could build that kind of reading reliability into burners too (or sell the Roms much cheaper).