Whats problem with my CD RW

on properties of cd rom is Firmare version YSQ4
I have new cdrw liteon 24x10x40 and thats all what I know about it
On the box is date of made it’s september 2002.
On box is writed CD ROM must it writed CD RW?
Nero can’t recognize it and other software
Nero only recognize image recorder. is it this?
Can someone help me?:bow:

If the software you are using came with another drive, it probably will not work.

I don’t have software with this drive, I used software downloaded from internet
so what to do…

I don’t see any burners on the LiteOn site with firmware YSQ4, are you sure it’s a burner?

One cd I was with nero burn , but not good

Maybe it’s not liteon but help me what model is it can You find it if you know firmware YSQ4